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Lady with Cornucopia

Last year, My daughter gave me a statute. She insisted I would love it. I was indifferent. After losing the back-and-forth war to a 6-year-old, I decided to keep it. The woman stood 11″ tall. She’s gorgeous, but she wasn’t treated with the love. Evidence was clear, she was left outside and abandoned. The colors…

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3/11 Travel Buddy

I wanted to bring back a gift for a friend. I wanted something than the usual magnet or Shot glass. I wanted to be something personal to her. This woman  doesn’t have much interest. Pretty vanilla to be honest. Plants has a very magnetic pull on her. I drove around Albuquerque looking for all sorts…

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Monthly Recap: Wrangling, Love Island, Muay Thai,

The Groundhog Day shadow shit is a fucking scam, just like the dewey decimal system. They be lying up a storm! talking about spring is coming early. The geese on the other hand! them motherfuckers know. I listen to them. Before the Slush, they out. Without a trace. One sunny day in March, they posted…

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Norwell St: 1998- 2010

Looking at my Aunt’s photo album. I want to share this with y’all I’m not really sure when this was. I had to be like 12-13. We were living in Norwell St. just my moms, my 2 brothers, and my stepfather. This was around the early 2000s. Life on Norwell was pretty good overall. Those…

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