This whole week, I’ve been super distracted. My mind has been going a million miles per hour. I always do this to myself, where i allow myself to get so distracted by other components in my life that i just lose complete control of my goal. Now, this up coming week my goals: 1. Must be consistent with my writing. I love to write and it’s something I’ve became passionate about in the last couple years. It started from journaling, then next thing you know I’m just writing to right. 2. How to transfer my passion for writing into a profitable skill. This week i want to focus on that, it’s definitely something i can excel in. 3. Blog! Blog and oh yeah blog!!! Just that simple. 4. Be selective with my time. I don’t have much time in my day juggling all these jobs. I just need to dial on my own goals and projects and not fall into distractions.

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