Boxing and bulldogs

…i don’t remember the dogs name, but he just walks around the gym all day long. He’s the man! I’ll return with his name 😂

Today has been pretty positive. I’ve been wanted to wake up at 5:45 am! And FUCK YEAH!!! I fucking did it!!! Got the fuck up, made a bomb oatmeal breakfast, and drove to SOS! I started with a nice lift and crushed it. I’ve been cramping like a motherfucka, due to sweating so much water out. It’s been a fucking nightmare! Been downing water all day. Afterward went to Hannafords, which I got so much fruit!! The fruit has been hittin!!!! It’s just been so good. It’s been making me shit like a motherfucka! Self-check is the movement! Hannafords self-check is trash. It takes a decade to read your card or take cash. Like what the fuck! I might’ve just had stole the shit. Went boxing at Somerville Boxing Club. That’s where I met the bulldog. I watched him plodding around the gym. Plodding to the bags, lays down on the floor. Plodding to the treadmills, lays down on the floor. Plods to the ring. I felt him just stare as I hit the mitts and work with his owner. The bell rang, that shit always echoes through the gym. Walk towards the water bubbler, who do I see? My boy! Just laying there with the best seat in the house. In front of the fan,front of the ring. Just lounging i can respek that kinda of life.

My lil bro Dan!!! He’s making his MMA debut soon. He’s a hard worker with a good heart! Love that kid!!

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