7/2- To Do List…

  1. Clean the house! without a clean a house I can’t get shit done.
  2. GO GET A CAR BATTERY!!!! My car has been going on a damn fritz, that needs to be fixed.
  3. Continue to brainstorm a couple of ideas with B.
  4. Pre-write something for my friend’s Birthday card.
  5. Go to My Mom’s house, she just got out the hospital. She’s good, she just doesn’t drinking alot of water.
  6. Take the kids to Jiu-jitsu.
  7. pack for the weekend.

Today is a day about getting shit done and spending QT with the Kids. Even thought they’re driving me to drink this morning. They’re still my little buddies, they’re my best friends. Best friends cant annoying the fucking shit out of you right? Leaving for CT this weekend, which im really looking forward too, honestly. Physically, im wicked tired and exahusted. i got good sleep last night. i just feel like i need a fuck ton more. I’ve also been busting my ass in the gym, im so motivated. I feel alot of dope shit coming around the corner. now time to get cracking on this list. Ya’ll have a good friday and crush it.

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