Shooters shoot…

YO! you’re fucking beautiful and you’re a fucking beast!! Go shoot your shot!


Its Saturday morning, the day of shooter! I aint talking about basketball or shooter games, well con second thought if that’s your goal go get that shit. I’m talking about shot shooters. Dreamchasers, Goal Getters, Go Gettas, Hustlers, etc all those people that want it. Saturday morning are for y’all. That Saturday morning before you go get your outfit for the club tonight, take that moment and shoot your fucking shot. I know for a fact that you have cool ass idea or/and dream but maybe your nervous to execute it or you don have plan to do so. who gives a fuck! just do it and learn on the go.

Most Dreams and Ideas start off rocky. People usually don’t have any fucking clue what they’re doing but snowball effects kicks in! You’re doing something that you wanted to work on for the longest, which would create the motivation to keep going. which will stir the creativity pot. Then next thing you know, your doing shit like fucking pro! Is it hard? nope not at all, will there be challenges? fuck yeah! but that’s what life is all about is these bullshit challenges and we still overcome them. Thats what we do, as human. We need more prime movers and less settlers, that settling shit will get you kilt.

I know this rant is mad random and all over the place, but I said fuck it! why not share it. I love you all, be kind to one another and have a great weekend. McGregor in the second!!

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