I look at happiness as a pie or pizza pie. I’m a foodie, so I’m constantly making food reference. Pies and baking shit is a science. You need to make sure you have the accurate amount of ingredients in order for your shit to come out perfect. It’s really easy to fuck it up. Now, I’m not a baking expert so don’t go baking shit off what I’m saying, but I think you can fix it if you fuck something up like in cooking. Also, it has a lot of layers of work, from needing and letting the dough rise, cracking eggs, pour accurate liquid, pouring all that shit in a mixing bowl, it gets a little ugly, but you’re getting to it. There’s this one ingredient you must add, and that’s, Love. Love is the best ingredient of them all. Love and Passion, can’t forget about passion. OK, so passion and love are the best two. How can I forget about the most beautiful P word. Well, yeah, happiness is a lot like that.


  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: mad
  • Print

Get ready, those motherfuckers are gonna be at the door.


  • Being Authentic
  • * Self-Acceptance * Self-Love


  1. Start walking towards what makes you happy.
  2. 2. Drop corny motherfuckers, listen to your own voice

    3. Protect that shit!


Per Serving: 11 calories; 2 g fat; 50 g carbohydrates;
5.5 g protein; 50 mg cholesterol; 2 mg sodium.

Bake that Happiness

Happiness is something everyone strides for it. People crave it, some people are willing to sacrifice friends and love ones. It can bring out the toxicity in people, and their happiness morphs into Greed. I’ve seen motherfuckers do some wild shit just to taste their internation of happiness. Everyone’s happiness is different. Some love riches and materialistic things to make them feel happiness, and some love just gestures and support. Some need a quick drug/drink or/and a nut to feel just a small slither of happiness. Hey, I’m nobody to judge. I’ve been down those roads to find it as well, those usually are first shaky steps, but you’re finding your way.

That G talk…

The forms of happiness, Short term and Long term. Which one you want to hear first? Short Term, of course, we always want shit quick. Short. It isn’t a bad thing, don’t get twisted. Short term supplements Long term, I’ll explain it. OK, Short term are usually things that have an expedition time. Yeah, no shit everything. I’m saying things that give you a small burst of happiness. Such as materialistic things, you buy something, and you feel all swagged out, as soon as you throw them in the wash all that new clothes shit looses its allure. Eating sugar foods is another example of short term happiness. You eat a cookie or good slice of cake, and you feel it instantly! Then it’s gone once you shit it out, haha. These are the obvious ones, of course. There’s a lot of little one serious short termers that’s can make a world of difference in your life,

Long Term happiness is an investment into your future. You ain’t getting rich overnight. This is the type of investment that makes you better to the world. This shit here ain’t easy and it requires a lot of work. Journaling is one of the most simple investments but with huge return. Just getting those thoughts down on paper does a fuck ton of justice. The hardest ones are attacking deep-rooted issues. Man, that shit is hardened than a motherfucker, but it’s such a weight lifting sensation. You ever tried to up rooting a fucking tree? It’s fucking hard! Cutting those roots and rid of that fucking baggage is a lifestyle goal. Being Authentic to yourself and to others. If you try to be something you ain’t, you’ll sink faster than the titanic. BE YOU! There’s only you, why try to be someone else when you’re a Pokémon. Self Acceptance is a magical thing. Also treating yourself with love and care, you’ll set a new tone in your life, and you settle for the dumb shit. Following your own voice is pretty powerful. Listening to your own voice, you’ll learn what you need to reach your happiness.

Roll up on my happines, if you want…

Finally, the last piece. PROTECT YOUR FUCKING HAPPINESS!!!! When that thing is fresh out the oven, and you put it that shit on the window. WHAT, FOR THE FUCKING WOLVES?! They smell that shit from Woodward, be ready! They’ll be at the fucking door. Happiness is desired even by the undesired. People will also try to piggyback off your happiness, and you can’t allow that shit! You worked too fucking hard on it. Happiness is an alarm and people will come from all over. DON’T LET THAT SHIT HAPPEN! That’s all I have to say, sorry for the word vomit, and it might be all over the place, but fuck it! You get what I’m trying to say. I don’t really know how to end this…

“Find your fucking happiness, and Protect that shit”


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