Monthly Recap: Do you remember September?!(Sorry for the wait)

“Kept You Waiting, huh?”

-Solid Snake

September came so quickly! I wasn’t even ready. Not in the slightest bit. It was a bobbing month for sure. Lost my fight, got cut and went to one of the best concerts in a long time. Very much needed, I may say. Sit tight, get a drink, get some smokey smoke on smoke, and enjoy the fucking Sept Recap.

Training Camp

The Training Camp was smooth as fuck. I felt fucking sharp, motherfuckin razor sharp! I would work 4 days of striking and drills to counter. 2 Boxing sessions and 2 Muay Thai sessions. I was working with a new boxing coach. It took some adjustments. Once we got synced, we were dancing. Grappling was a different approach. BJJ was all about cleaning up and grappling like a bigger guy. Wrestling was about investment, investing in my future. Learning the principles of wrestling from the ground up. Strength and Conditioning were focused on a lot of footwork and arm stamina. Maintaining speed, volume, and power for 5 minutes. Lateral shuffles, ladders drills, and hand/eye coordination drills. I felt bomb!

The Fight…

Welp! I laid an egg. I wasn’t ready for the fight. Not in the slightest bit. Physically, I looked ready. Mentally, I wasn’t ready at all. I was thinking way too much. my thoughts are like Lambos on the Autobahns( Come on, I played GT at Reese’s crib). I tried to wait for the perfect movement, so I can react. I wanted to try and showcase some of my new boxing techniques. My dumb ass tried to block with my face and wasn’t positioned in the right places.

He was a strong fucking dude. Underestimated his speed, big time. He was beaten to the punch every time. The motherfucka had All Might power in his hands. (My Hero reference, keep up.) Every time one of those ham hocks hit me, my balls would swing like a pendulum. It wasn’t Cash Money, at all.

There’s a bunch of bad habits that went on display. Waiting on my opponent’s attacks. Not being first. I was behind in every exchange. Focused on what I was supposed to do besides actually doing it. when you’re training for something your tools become second nature. In this story, It wasn’t. Didn’t display urgency. I just wasn’t ready. Simple as that.

Sept was relieving…

September book: Drug use for grown-ups by Dr. Carl L. Hart. Pro Tip: don’t do audiobook, his voice gets very boring and annoying after a while.

Rating: 2.5/5

That closing G talk

This month wasn’t my favorite in the slightest bit. Shortly after my fight, I was released from the UFC. Those were the stakes going into the fight, and I was well aware. Hey, that’s why we fucking gamble on ourselves. Even if the outcome isn’t something you want. Fuck it, take a gamble. What’s the worst that can happen?

I’m taking a temporary hiatus from competing. I’ll still be training. Fucking love training. I want to put more focus into teaching and writing. I love the fight game and it will always have a spot in my heart but at the moment I’m just going to chill. Also I’ll will help any and all, of my fight buddies that need help with shit.

Now, I’m in the Dominican Republic for the 2 weeks. I’m gonna eat a lot and get chubby. October is looking better already! I love y’all! I’ll see y’all next post.

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