Monthly Recap: Bonding October

I never been to any Oktoberfest before. I’d thought I’d share that fact with you. October was fun, gentle and easy. Watching a fuck ton of Seinfeld. Like a fuck ton, it never gets old. The month was also filled with adventure. Spent some time in Dominican Republic, visiting family and friends. checked out the local mma scene and ate so many chimis !!! Good fucking times! Here’s October’s Recap!

El Calishe De Manguagabo

Family Bonding was never my strong suite. While the family is doing whatever, I would be over there fucking around playing yugioh or some shit. I loved my family, I just became so curious of the the outside world. Recently, I reconnect with my family. We took a family trip to Santo Domingo. My Grandma, My aunt, my mom and El Pepe( that’s my dude we will talk about him later on, he deserves his own post). At first, I thought it was going to be the most boring trip ever. Boy, was I wrong.

It’s been roughly 15-20 years since the last time i was there. Santo Domingo is beautiful, also wild as fuck. Probably one of the few places where you can get drunk, dance robbed, stabbed, shot, feed, relieved, and hustled all in first step off the plane. It’s wild but fun.

first thing I noticed. The place hasn’t changed much. Sure there was a bunch of new people living in the area but as far of the foundation. It was all the same. All my cousins and friends all aged so well, they all look the the same. All parents of the area, either left or moved to another location. All of their children stayed in the area and lived in the houses they grew up. Something in that was beautiful. I loved everything about that.

Nivel de Felicidad

I have an older cousin, his name is Tony. One of the coolest kindest people I ever met. Every Summer when my mom would ship us to Santo Domingo to get away from all the street violence in Boston. Him, David( another cousin of mine) and I, were the three amigos. We would hangout with every single day. He was three years older than us and he was a fucking computer whiz.

Today, Tony is fucking crushing it. He owns a successful cyber security company. He’s a father of 2. He looked so fucking happy. Though he constantly made jokes about losing the little beer belly he was a growing. Kept asking me tips on how to get abs, while crushing a jumbo Presidente. We talked for hours. Wasn’t enough to make up for the last 15-20 years but we tried to cramp that bitch in there. I asked him what was the secret to his happiness. “vive simple” he said. Of course, I looked at him like he disrespected your mother.Mantén la vida simple y fácil.” He repeated at least 20 times during the whole conversation.

El Tony haha 😂

I let him go into a drunken rant about all the things that’s been going on. I just listened like he was reading a bedtime story. Honestly, I was so drunk I didn’t remember everything nor did I write key parts down. I asked him why he never left. I wanted to know so bad. He looked at me dead in my face and said “¿para qué?“. At this point, I felt like the whole room playing a trick on me. He gave me another one of those looks like I should’ve known the answer. Pouring another cup of Presidente, laughted and stated “la gente se va porque busca algo. Tengo todo lo que quiero y necesito aquí. Hice lo que buscaba.” he grabbed his keys and we walked out the door for chimis.

Halloween with The kiddos

The Skeleton kid is their friend Henry. He’s cool, he’s like Darwin he found us.(if you know, you can sit at the table)

Halloween was pretty cool. So Em and Ro changed their costumes like five times. First, Em wanted to be Smoke from Rainbow Six Siege.

I’m researching for the pieces to his outfit. This dude decides to tell me, “I think I want to be Master Chief.” the kid played Fortnite one time and all of sudden he’s OGRE2(google him. he’s nazty).

That’s my mom and Ro.

Ro…that little girl needs to get a job. Ya’ll know Halloween stores be juicing the price. We in the store, She decided all the kids costumes are boring. Once she started talking shit, i knew she had something in mind. which I’m usually cool but I don’t got that Jon Jones’s money. She wanted to be a Zombie cheerleader, but she had to make her own costume. of course, she didn’t have costume money.

My mom loves Halloween. Fucking loves it. Every year, she dresses up and legit go trick or treat with the kids. People love it. She always has a full bag at the the end of the night.

October Review

Rating: 5/5
Take aways:
1. Gotta spend time with family! The DR trip was an eye opener for sure. Learned on so much about my family and their past. It was awesome! Can’t til next time. I won’t wait 15-20 years this time.
2. I learned how to actually relax. I actually did nothing and just enjoyed my time.
3. Learned how to cook Domincian Food.

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