Notebook Rant #2

One random afternoon, Rowyn( my 4 year old daughter) and I were hanging out in the living room. I always wanted to get into interviews, so I decided to make her my little test subject. Asked her standard run of the mill questions that you’ll ask a 4 year old. It was pretty fun.

3/25-Interview with Rowyn

She was feeling herself this day lmao 🤣

Me: Hello RoRo!!!
RoRo: Hi Daddy
Me: What’s your full name?
RoRo: You know my name…
Me: I know but I’m interviewing you.
RoRo: Rowyn Everly Rodriguez
Me: How old are you?
RoRo: Daddy, you know how old I am…
Me: Remember it’s an Interview
RoRo: I’m 4 (she rolled her eyes)
(she always has an attitude on the ready)
Me: Where do you live?
RoRo: North Andover
Me: What’s your favorite color?
(she thought about it for a bit)
RoRo: Well, today I like Pink
Me: Does your colors change?
RoRo: Sometimes
Me: Like to what?
RoRo: Purple, Red, and sometimes Black
Me: Interesting
(I was little puzzled but I continued)
Me: What’s your favorite foods?
RoRo: Carrots, Broccoli, Mushrooms, and Beans
Me: You’re lying…
(She instantly started laughing)
Me: I know you love broccoli but I literally never seen you eat any of the other things.
Maybe beans.
(She laughed some and walked to the fridge. Grabbed some baby carrorts, sat down in her original position. smile) RoRo- See, I love carrots.
Me: Moving on, what’s your favorite drink?
RoRo: Juice and water
Me: What kind of juice?
RoRo: Oh daddy, you remember that juice you bought me the other day?
Me: Yeah…
RoRo: That one.
(über confused at the moment. trying to think what juice I bought her the other day. I knew the juice just didn’t know the flavor)
RoRo: The strawberry watermelon one!!!
Me: Oh yeah! I remembered the juice just forgot the flavor.
RoRo: It was so good. Can we get more?
Me: Sure after this interview.
Me: Alright, what’s your favorite movie
RoRo: Frozen 2
Me: (me being an agitator)- I thought it was meh
RoRo: Stop it!
( we chuckled a bit)
Me: What’s your favorite cartoon?
RoRo: (she screamed with excitement) SPIRIT!!!
Me: Why you like it so much?
RoRo: The horses and Lucky
Me: Makes sense.
Me: What’s your favorite snacks?
RoRo: Cheez-its and those Cheese balls, you got last night.
(we both nod. them shits were slapping last night)
Me: Where’s your favorite place?
(popped a baby carrot in her mouth. thought really hard about it)
RoRo: The park
Me: Which park? or all the parks?
RoRo: Umm the firetruck park, the castle park, and that’s it.
Me: In that order?
RoRo: Yes
Me: Who are the members of your family?
(she paused and looked at me with the “you asked a stupid question” stare while chomping on a carrot)
RoRo: You know who in my family…
Me: I’m trying to interview you, lady! work with me. (In a playful manor)
RoRo: I am (started laughing). You, Me, Mommy, Em, Auntie Dum, Koko, Grammie, and Papa, and Grandma. oh yeah, India and Jada too.
(she sat there thinking over everything.)
Me: What’s your favorite things love to do?
RoRo: Umm I love when I snuggle with mama in the morning. playing with Em is good too.
Me: Ayoo hold up, You don’t like hanging with me?
(She instantly started laughing)
RoRo: I do.
Me: You don’t care. Next question. What’s your favorite animal?
(she gave me that stupid question stare again)
RoRo: Come on daddy, Unicorns. you know that.
Me: I didn’t know that.(acting oblivious)
Me: Ok, last question and then we have to get you the tub. If I had a dollar, would you split it with me?
(She was super confused)
RoRo: How?
Me: Make Change and split with me.
RoRo: I have a dollar in my piggy bank.
Me: Will you split it with me?
RoRo: No (she started laughing and ran off)

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