Morning Prompts #1: Positive impact

Morning Routines are my shit! I’m always getting up and ready to attack the day. I tried to leave the house with that BFE(Big fucking energy). Here is my routine:

  • Obviously, the boring stuff first. SSS(shower, shit, shave), etc.
  • Gotta get a Meddie in! Meditation…keep up
  • Breakfast and Coffee. Coffee Black. Breakfast, usually something light and healthy…or at least try too.
  • *NEW* Writing Prompts!! That shit slaps!

Writing Prompts are super fucking fun. I added this weekend and love it. I’ll be sharing some with you lovely folks. This one I wrote this morning, enjoy!

Positive Impact:Write about someone who made a positive impact on your when you were a child?

My Grandma is a tough cookie. Very resilient woman. This woman is a funny, kind, energetic, and caretaker. She’s also wicked smaht.

I took her and my mom out for sushi…neither one of them like sushi

As a child, I didn’t know much about my grandma. Besides her being my grandma and from the Dominican Republic. Of course, she was my mother’s mom. I spent a lot of time with her growing up. All she spoke was Spanish and all I spoke was English. It didn’t really matter anyway, I understood way better than I spoke. So most of our interactions were me, just listening. Listen to her tell me stories, listen to sing beautiful Spanish songs about love. Occasionally, She would even tell me stories of my dad. When she told them, she always seemed a little bothersome and disappointing. She always had something to say, and she knew she always had someone to listen to.

I picked up her mindful spending. She would only shop for things that she needed. She was huge on that. If we wanted something, she always replied:

"Compras las cosas que necesitas y trabajas por las cosas que quieres"(English: You buy the things you need and work for the things you want)

She would know what she needed or what she already had at home without even checking. I’m still trying to unlock that skill in my adulthood.

When she would leave after her weekend visits. There was always money left in my top drawer. She would hug me and tell me:

"no le digas a nadie y guarda tu dinero." (English: Don't tell no one and save your money)

My dumb ass never listen, I would rub it in my brother’s face and buy YuGiOh cards. We all were young and dumb.

She gave us the gift of Resilience. All my life, I was always told, That I’m resilient. For a long time, I didn’t even know where I got this from. I’m not sure if it is, but it has gotta be somewhat genetic, right? If so, we definitely got it from her. My mother is the same way.

Her Husband was a piece of shit. Straight up. Yeah, my grandfather. Fuck him. Controlled, manipulated, and even got shot, the poor woman experienced it all. All while trying to juggle the motherhood of two little girls. Getting the girls away from that havoc, they escaped. She moved to Massachusetts to start a new life. Today, her little cute self just hangs out with the family and watches her novelas. She’s a strong woman.

Her story always moved me. I didn’t know it when I was a kid, but understanding it now as an adult, makes me appreciate it so much more. She’s been through a bunch of shit to get us here. You can’t learn Resilience, it’s inborn. Grandma is the goat.

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