Month Recaps: Nov/Dec same shit

Our November and December the same month? I feel like it anyway. There should only be 10 months. November is all about giving and giving thanks but December is all about giving and feeling merry and shit. It’s kinda the same shit (Larry David Voice). Thanksgiving dinner, a turkey, some sides, and some assholes who stayed way too long at your house. Christmas dinner, a ham, some sides, and some assholes and their fucking kids staying over way too long. Same shit. Both months leave you flat broke. Thanksgiving, you can get a food stamp to connect to help with the cost. Christmas, you better start selling dope to cover them, damn kids, cost. Toys aint cheap. The last two months have been meh. Nothing major. Here’s the recap.

Nut Bustin November

Battle Ship Cove

I FINALLY MADE IT TO THE BATTLESHIP COVE!!!! My family has been living in Fall River for years. I have never been. One lonely ass day in November and I decided to check it out and I loved everything about it. Walked into the gift shop. I met a cool ass girl named Decklin. Noticed she was rocking a Legend of Zelda beanie on. “What’s your favorite Legend of Zelda?”. I asked with curiosity and looking forward to brightening up her day a bit, also I totally knew what she says gonna say. Taken completely off guard, that boring dull look went from a Kool-Aid smile across her face. “I love Ocarina of Time!!! that game made me want to play the ocarina when I was in high school. That shit was hard!!! haha” She chuckled as she swiftly bagged my gifts. We chatted about her love for Resident Evil. ” I want to play Breathe of the Wild but I didn’t want to drop the money on a switch for one game. Now, I have a switch. I have to finish Resident evil remakes.” She goes on to explain her friend streams. ” I watch my friend’s streams to bait out the jump scares for when I play haha” We both chuckled and said our goodbyes ad I exited the store. On to the ship.

Walked through the Kennedy Jr. Holy Shit! was that cool. I took a couple of pictures. I ain’t no fucking Ansel Adams but ya boi know how to use an iPhone.

The thing I love about history, it allows my imagination to run wild. Trying to put me in the times. It’s pretty fun. First of all, running around these damn ships. I would need a full-on stretch routine, day and night. Being 6’4″ running around in the ship isn’t the movement in the slightest bit.

backgammon, really?

I got to the café. It was my favorite not gonna lie. I’m not an Empath asshole, but the energy from the past soldiers still remained. Definitely school cafe vibes. People getting roasted, people into fights, etc. It must’ve been lit. I just don’t understand the backgammon table. Like backgammon is soo fucking Mid. I get it, it’s one of the older games or whatever but shit can’t get poppin with backgammon. I don’t remember how to play it. You’re on a boat heading out to war and you bring a backgammon board. Like What the fuck? Coming to think about it, it’s actually trash tier compared to the other two board games(checkers and chess). Checkers would’ve gotten poppin up in here. Everyone knows how to play, motherfuckas can get it cracking in here! Chess is a thinking man game. it’s dope but this isn’t the place. backgammon, you’ll be lucky if you get a game or two. Ain’t many people know how to play that shit. Backgammon is the last game I wanna play before I die. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

This is my December…

December was dead as fuck. Nothing really to write honestly. I haven’t been feeling like myself. I caught myself going down this negative spiral. I haven’t been treating myself the best either. I know it’s not permanent but it’s still a moment. As always I get up and dust myself off. That’s seasonal depression for ya, it’s all good though. Christmas and NYE were pretty mid as well. Wait! fuck that I lied! Christmas I got a fucking Vinyl player!!!!! I’m so fucking geeked about it! also, I just bought the New Mars Volta De-Loused in the Comatorium unreleased version or something like that. You know how they are dropping mad versions of their albums. Looking forward to some vinyl shopping. That’s all I got for ya’ll. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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