Monthly Recap: Meh January

January vibes are always meh. It’s a life-loading screen but without the tips. This month did give some small cool moments, such as taking the kids to the aquarium. Also I got grid locked in planning phase. Additionally, I’ve been playing a game called Greak: Memories of Azur. The game is so cool and unique. I’ll do a breakdown of it later on. Grab a warm drink and enjoy this monthly recap.

kids at the aquarium

Some battles…

The first week of Jan, I was in a battle with my ADHD. Getting work, 10-8 rounds. I would first be all in on one thing and then I would instantly leap on to something else. I would try and start to write or plan something but couldn’t finish them. Couldn’t finish anything, not even fucking laundry.

So I had to pull out the Strat book, get myself back in order. Here’s my little guide:

  1. Carve out ME time- I’m busy as fuck. Honestly, who isn’t. I looked at my schedule and found the perfect ME time spot. A private cancellation, I used that time to be productive. Gave me time to sit back and focus on my next moves.
  2. Make a list– All thoughts Ideas and plans that kept up late at night. I wrote them down. I know you’re reading this like “nigga, how many times we writing it down?!” As much as you can. We have so many thoughts a day. They’re constantly pasting by and there’s some that we keep on too. Some we forget. So write shit down unless you have hyperthymesia. it’s ok, I just learned it.
  3. Priorities your list- take all those ideas and put them in a groups of Main, Side, and Bonus
something like this. Excuse the chicken scratch but you get the fucking point…
  • MAIN- This is always things that you’re doing currently to get s better your life. Keep that stability going. Like getting more clients, closing on deals, making more sales, etc. These missions are always being worked on, and they’re fuel to your empire.
  • SECONDARY- These are your passions. Things that you really want to get after but the return isn’t enough to live off yet.
  • BONUS- This is the fun and lighthearted sections. Developing positive habits. financial goals, Draw something, study film, etc.

This restructure was something I needed. It’s going on 4 weeks since I started doing this ,its made life so much easier. I also gotta tell ya’ll about this Greek game. I’ve been geeking over.

Geekin over Greak!! 🙂

OK! ya’ll know Siege is my fucking game. My other love is Indie games. They’re so cool and unique, usually very well made. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with Greak: Memories of Azur. The game is developed by Navegante Entertainment. Published by the gang that brought us all the Worms games, Team 17.


So little homie Greak and his Siblings, Raydel and Adara. They’re a magical race called Courines. The Courines with this asshole race, The Urlags. They’re kinda of like orcs. Bassically cool names for Elves and Orcs. I still respect the creativity. The Urlags are trying to pull some genocide shit. My man Greak and his clique aint having that shit.


The gameplay is fire!!! It’s a side scroller platformer with a little cute twist. You’re controlling all three character at the same. DON’T SLEEP!! that shit gets tough and take some use to getting too. In my opinion, that’s the biggest challenge so far (i didnt finsh the game yet). While you’re in the middle of the fights, you have to be very mindful of the other characters locations and statuses. All while fully controlling the one your fighting with. Kinda fucked up right? Each character has their own little play style, here’s breakdown.


Baby Boi Greak

He puts out medium damage with a one handed sword, which pairs nicely with high attack speed. Little guy has a combat roll, which is Patrick Roy clutch sometimes. He the youngest which comes with some draw backs such as lung compacity. Poor dude can’t swim under for long. They did reward him with a crossbow, that can help you cause a ton of chip damage in some boss fights.

…Adara, the mid child.

Look…at first, I thought she would’ve been the shit. She’s the middle child and I’m the middle child, we could’ve been had that bond but nooo! she had to be the most fucking mid character. Adara is the ranged character. So she has this arcane power, which is alright I guess. Dope thing about it, it travels to the enemies. Additional to her standard double jump, she can float freely for short period of time. Her dodge is this whack ass backstep to create space. It’s not effective in most fights due to all most enemies attacks travels across the board. In the water, she’s a fucking fish. She’s crazy lung compacity, and she swims super fast.

Raydel!!!!! my fucking dawg!!!!!!!!

That’s my fucking guy!!!!!!!! He’s the tank of the clique, wielding SnS (Shield and Sword…keep up). He puts out more damage than his other two younger siblings. Instead of having a dodge, he doesn’t because he ain’t scared. That motherfucka anchors down and takes on the damage with that shield. He has a fucking grappling hook, enough said. The biggest draw back, the motherfucka can’t swim. You always have to make big brain plays to move him around water. He’s still my guy!

So far the game is fucking dope. The storyline is simple, yet fun and it keeps you attention. The character juggling creates a fun, addicting gameplay. You should scoop it if you want something new to play, its a switch game. Only 8 hours of game play. That shit get a switch game.


So that’s if for January, nothing really exciting. I did plan a trip to Arizona. I’m fucking busting!!! So excited to go. Fun fact: Arizona is my favorite place. Something about that place calls my name. February is going to be sick, just you wait. I’m awful at good byes but I’ll see yall and love yall very mucho

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