Monthly Recap: Februus!!!!

February, the month of Purification and Cleansing. Some shit I learned back in middle school. This month was filled with adventure and fascinating experiences. I traveled to the Valley of the Sun, picked up a classic viny, got to train with a legend. Come check out the Monthly Recap!

My Fanny Pack always get filled with random things from my travels.

El Valle Del Sol( Valley of the Sun…keep up)

Places I visited in AZ:
  • Sendona
  • RedRock State Park
  • Old Town Scottsdale
  • Goldfields Ghost Town
  • Roosevelt Row
  • Pemberton House

The vibes in AZ is like no other. First, let’s start with the feeling of time. Not really sure if there is a name for this, I’ll explain what I mean. So Boston is the small little cluster fuck. Everything is moving a million miles per hour. Everyone has a fucking attitude. Well, not you but you know what I mean, asshole. Arizona ain’t like that at all, not in the slightest bit. I use to live in Tucson. I remember, when I would train and worked. The time would just move so slowly. People were super happy all the time, and very mañana about things. Just completely two different speeds of life.

Arizona is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Everywhere you turn your head, there’s a beautiful landscape. Mountain range looks like a Cinnamon Mountain, something that should be on the Candy Land board. Combine with the dry heat, it makes a tranquil place. Sunrises and Sunsets are viewed from every direction. At night, the howls of the coyotes are a constant reminder that the wild isn’t far. The sky is so clear at night. You can see all the lighthouses, They look so bright. (Bioshock Infinite reference…keep up).

Street Art photo Dump!

Y’all know I fucking love my street art!!! THERE’S SO MUCH STREET IN AZ!!! legal and non-legal. My phone couldn’t take all the pictures. Y’all know how corny Apple is with that storage notification…mind you I already pay for the extra storage.

Old Scottsdale

I don’t remember the name of the street. The big main street runs downs into Old Scottsdale. People were every where! Cowboys, cowgirls, running kids, and square dancing. There was a country festival that was happening. I don’t know shit about country music but It was a fucking sick though!

The street is filled with galleries and stores. Gotta get the tourist dollar, I respect the hustle. In one of the windows, there was some Chuck Jones arts. OK, asshole. You better know who Chuck Jones is? If you don’t, get some google in your life. wow, I didn’t take any pictures of the Chuck Jones gallery. I guess I’m the asshole then ha. Further, into the gallery, I smarten up and started snapping pictures. Check it out.

Pemberton House

The Pemberton House is such a cool little spot. This place looks like Animal House was filmed there or something. When you first get there, pass the corny security, on your left. There’s an Airstream boutique, It came Straight out of the ’70s! The inside was small and cozy. yes, my big ass was able to fit. Most of the clothes in there were really small for me. I was still happy, I got to experience this place. It was really funky.

so funky man!!!

All outside the main frat house, there’s different little add-on shops. One was a bomb ass taco spot, as well this bar called Baby Boy(no pictures, but it’s fucking dope!), and 1-2 little breweries. There were little open areas to listen to live music and enjoy your food. Making my rounds, I ended up falling in love with a bunch of neon lights signs. snagged a couple of pictures around the property.

Killer Whale Sex Club

This bar is fucking rad! The outside looks like The painter was on an Acid trip. It’s one of them houses you’ll see on Snowfall or Boyz in the Hood. It’s cool as fuck just bright. When you get inside its super fucking small. Extremely low lit, and the walls painted black. A low tempo night club, how I would describe. There’s only tables in like the living room area. Everything else is standing room only. The drinks were pre-made but they were good and strong. Not sure if you want to take my word, I’m a light weight. Now for the spicy part. When you get the bar, you can see all the polaroid’s of boobs and booties on the wall. People over years just posted them. The place gets buckwild.

Goldfields Ghost Town

this cactus was fucking huge…The porch was holding the fucker up.
Rub on the Madam for good luck

Fun Fact: I love Ghost Towns. Most places I’ve been too I always try to look for ghost towns. Things I usually find are cool graffiti, beer cans, and used condoms. what is the issue with a used condoms and abandoned places?

Goldfields Ghost Town, an old gold mining town. The town was build in 1893. There were gold veins in the Superstitions Mountain. Miners from all over and came to the gold rush until the veins ran dry. Today, the town is still put together. Everything is museums and gift shops. If you ever in AZ, check this shit out.

All those miners needed to relieve some stress from work. They found relief in the local brothel. Which was the stagehand of the town success. The Brothal was ran by one woman, The Madam. She didnt play! She separated the house by the floors. Bottom floor were for the skinny, and diseased woman. Top floor was filled with the thiccums and cleaned ones. Back in those days, they figured ways to sterilize and search for sicknesses. When the men came, they always took baths before they were serviced. The water had little bit of whisky in it. When the woman bath them, to checked if they had any cuts and/or sores. The whiskey will make it sting. If they had it, the women would send their ass downs stairs.

Sedona is Choco Mountain…don’t @ me

Sedona is beautiful as fuck. We didn’t stay there very long unfortunately, but we made the best of the time we had. We stopped at Red Rock park. We went to a dispensary during happy hour, which was an experience. All while looking for a fucking hoodie.

Red Rock Park

My dumb ass didn’t think to bring a hoodie. I was walking around in t-shirt and shorts. Thinking it’s going to be hot. Didn’t take elevation into count. The Park was pretty overwhelming. Its fucking huge. We picked the javelina Path, hoping to see some. Unfortunately, we didn’t.

This video was taken on top of a cliff. Usually, nature has a sound it, it was silence. I gotta learn how to take scenery pictures and videos ha.

Hoodie Journey/Happy Hour

When I travel, I’m always looking for local merch. I usually try to bring old clothes and swap them out with the new clothes. My mission was to find a hoodie or a crewneck. That shit seemed impossible. We stopped at about 3-4 stores. It was either not my size or shit was whack. We spotted a Brewery that had some hoodies, but their neighbor caught our eye. The Dispensary. As they were cool and super chill as always. After getting our IDs checked, walked through the door, and there he was. The fucking unicorn. This tall, lanky dude was our clerk. He took the time and had a small talk with us, not even about weed but about the cool spots in Sedona. Mind you all I wanted was some edibles and a new pen. When we made our purchase, he started giving us additional things. There was buy one get one during happy hour. That shit was crazy. They didn’t have any hoodies either. Forgot about the brewery, walked around and found one of those, Life is good. Their hoodies were meh. There were so many I found that I loved but they didn’t have my size. I found one! it had Smokey the bear on it! I was fucking amped!!!… I didn’t snap a pic.

I really loved it in Sedona, kind of bummed I couldn’t spend more time there. I’ll put that on my trip list. Driving from Phoenix to Sedona is one of the best things ever, and everyone should experience it. Beautiful Scenery and windy roads, I promise it’s all worth it.

Vinyl Pick up

This past Christmas, I got a vinyl player. I always wanted one since I was a kid. It’s one of those things I could’ve bought one for myself a million times over but never did. So now, I’ve been slowly building my collection. This month I picked up, Mars Volta’s Landscape Tantrums. Which is an unedited version of De-Lousedin the Comatorium. Honestly, you ain’t really missing much. It sounds like a rough version of the album minus a few songs. It was more of a collector piece but I’m happy I own it.

Training with Jon Jones

For those of you who don’t know who Jon Jones is. Here are some little facts about him. He’s the greatest MMA fighter of all time. He was the longest-reigning UFC Light Heavyweight champion. The dude is a beast. This is something that has been in the works for the longest. Took 4 months, but got it done.


Welp! that close out February. I never been to a country festival before. One day in this life time I will be able to afford a Chuck Jones piece. That man is a legend. I’ve been thinking about the havalina a lot lately, I’m kind of glad, I didn’t see one. The Pemberton is a must see place. Would you show your ass or your boobs to be on the wall? I have a really cute ass. Also stop asking me about who Jon Jones is fighting please. Let’s see what adventure we go on for March. Sorry for the weight, I love y’all

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