Norwell St: 1998- 2010

Looking at my Aunt’s photo album. I want to share this with y’all

I’m not really sure when this was. I had to be like 12-13. We were living in Norwell St. just my moms, my 2 brothers, and my stepfather. This was around the early 2000s. Life on Norwell was pretty good overall. Those were the golden years of my life. Our house was the spot where everyone chilled at.

My older brother was constantly in and out of jail. He had all sorts of hustles going on, from selling drugs to fighting dogs. You know name it, that man had a take in it.

My younger brother, Pete, and I were just kids. We played video games and/or played outside with the neighborhood kids. We always hung out together but we both had our own groups. We constantly hung out together.

The kid with Celtics Jersey was Michael aka the king of Norwell. He’s a friend of the family. He lived up the street from us, but he spent all his time at our house. He was Pete’s best friend. The high yellow kid behind him is my little brother Pete. Then the Two were inseparable. Always causing mischief and always breaking shit. The duo was hilarious.

The one to my left was shrouded in darkness. That’s Reese. That’s my brother from another mother. If you know me, you’ve met him. He’s one of the techiest niggas I know. Since childhood, that motherfucka was always on Wi-Fi. He always has some sort of gadget on him. Nevertheless, whenever I needed him he always came through. That’s why he always supports it.

This was some of the clique. Niggas weren’t feeling people farting on the bed and shit (no pun). Flipped the mattress on the wall. Motherfuckas gotta sit on the floor. We didn’t have much, but we made it work.

8–10 kids all huddle up in one room. Playing Game Cube and PS2, all taking turns. In the summer, it was more kids. If you got up to use the bathroom. You ain’t never getting on the sticks.

Kid with the Jean jacket. An associate named Allen. He had a fuck ton of YuGiOh cards. Mad YuGiOh cards! He also always had hot games most of the time.

The kid is prone on the floor with the white tee. That’s David (RIP). He was my cousin as well as my best friend. I spent every weekend with him. Played every game with him. David was a sweetheart. This world wasn’t made for a man like him.

The other two kids, TaeTae and Dink. The upstairs brothers.

TaeTae with a white long sleeve, the fucking man. He was one of my favorites. He was funny and strong as fuck! I once saw him pick up a 14-year-old and slammed. The kid was like 7 at the time. The poor bastard had a poor bladder. If he had to use the bathroom, couldn’t make it there in time. Clean up on aisle 3!!

Dink with a Sixers jersey. Dink was the youngest of the group. Most of the time he was trying to keep up. He was always interested in the things I was doing. He always wanted to be a fly in the room. I didn’t know what admiring looked like. So I figured he was just being a pest kid. Fast-forward to today, we have so much shit in common.

Life on Norwell was memorable. There’s a whole other pack of kids that we didn’t even get to. I wanted to share this with y’all. Love y’all very mucho.

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