3/11 Travel Buddy

I wanted to bring back a gift for a friend. I wanted something than the usual magnet or Shot glass. I wanted to be something personal to her. This woman  doesn’t have much interest. Pretty vanilla to be honest. Plants has a very magnetic pull on her.

I drove around Albuquerque looking for all sorts of plant stores. 

I found one, next to a Coffee shop and a Brewery. So you know ya boi was  all

About it!! 

The shop is cool. It makes up three rooms of plants and other plant items. 

The first room had big plants in it. Now, I don’t know what kind they were or anything. These motherfuckas were big and colorful. 

The Second Room had a four small angle tables with small flowers. These little guys were all under little hot lamps. There were art on the wall. One of them, had a watchtower with i believe seagulls flowing out of it. It was dope. 

Room Three…was closed off with a curtain. 🤷🏾‍♂️

The Botanist was cool as fuck. He educated me on the sun points and how you should move your plants accordingly. Not gonna lie, it was a fuck ton of information. I took what i can ha. 

This one plant he was spit-in about, Tiger Paw.  It was beautiful. The shade of Red it has is appealing to the eye. The Red meeting the green. Oh, forgot to mention the 3 different shades of green. Then when sun touches it, it gets that little champagne tip. It’s gorgeous. 

I Grabbed The Tiger Paw and a mustard yellow dad hat. Had a Bee on the from and said live. I felt it. 

The next day. I had to flight out…

Mind you, I didn’t think the plant purchase through. 

I get to the airport. I’m checked in, my bags are checked in. I’m good!

I get up to the Delta Desk. The woman tells me, I’m too late to check in my bags. I couldn’t fly without checking my bags. There wasn’t no other plane leaving Boston til Monday night. Everything was booked.

Had to get a refund, then go buy another flight. 

I’m still carrying this plant.


549.99 dollars later, i have a flight. It’s ok I have this plant. I’m good. 

I’m walking to my terminal, and a woman stops me: 

“Oh man, where are you going?”

Me: Boston

“Man, you gotta carry the whole time?” 

Me: I didn’t even think of that…

“Hopefully, a Stuartess can  help you out.”

We walked to our gates. She left me thinking about that stuartess question.

At my gate, A woman say out loud:

“You’re brave”

She clapped walking by then faded into the crowd.

Plane 1: ABQ – SFO

We getting on the plane. The first flight attendant is greeting me with no eye contact. Her eyes stayed glue to the plant.   We continue our way through first class, pass the extra legroom. Another flight attendant directing traffic. 

“Hey, is that for me?”

I smiled.

“Hey any chance you can store this some where?”  

She smiled 

“No, I’m sorry” 

Welp, i shot my shot. I continued to my seat. 


Yep, it was a middle seat. All the aisle were taken. I wasn’t buy first class. So there’s that. 

10.00 for the shitty wifi. Yes, i did that. I wanted to listen to music while i wrote to you cuties. 

I placed the table down. Put the plant down. Examine it one more time before take off. It’s good. 

Let’s go SFO.


First time ever going. I love how accessible healthy food was there. There was health options in every food court i saw. 

on the other hand had typical mall Chinese food. I was craving it. 

3 item plate: Fried Rice, Orange Chicken, and Mongolian Beef. Had a Kamboca to wash it down with.

 I’m not really a Kamboca fan. Im trying to keep an open mind. 

Killed the plate of food, started headed to our gate. 

I see a group of boys. High school, Maybe college. One of them looked like the Harold from Harold and Kumar. He saw me from his left and slowed down:

“Hey man…” he chuckles

“Why do you have a plant in your hands?”

Me: “honesty kid, it was Hi-dea. Now I’m kind of regretting it”. Doing my best Bobby Star impression. 

The kids eyes lit up with excitement. He instantly start bursting out laughing. 

All his other teammates caught up to us. Harold walked off to his gate. His teammates followed with confusion. 

I didn’t think it was my best work. He thought it was the magic. Glad i made his day. 

Made it to my gate, sat down and charged my phone. Got out the book,  The Seven Spirit Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra. Began to Read til the gate opens.

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