Monthly Recap: Wrangling, Love Island, Muay Thai,

The Groundhog Day shadow shit is a fucking scam, just like the dewey decimal system. They be lying up a storm! talking about spring is coming early. The geese on the other hand! them motherfuckers know. I listen to them. Before the Slush, they out. Without a trace. One sunny day in March, they posted up in parking lot. Just shitting, rolling deep, looking like the Baseball Furies. So all in all, that groundhog don’t know shit. Now Check out March monthly recap.

March Events…

  • Asshole Reroofing
  • A Celebration of life
  • 10 Days in Gainesville
  • 2 Days in Hartford

Asshole Reroof

For those of you who don’t know. I’m currently coaching at a nonprofit MMA gym called LevelGround MMA. I love it, some of the most wholesome people I ever met.

About 3 weeks ago, our corny ass landlord of our building decided to reroof the gym in the middle of a class. Debris, tar, and whatever other particles that’s fell into the air. Kids can’t be breathing those things in. We exchanged emails with the asshole and he didn’t really have any care in the world. Here’s some of what condition the gym as in:

Celebration of life

Just recently, we had a death in the family. I’ll be honest I don’t like funerals. I understand why we have them but celebrations of life are more fitting. Once the emotions pass over, we all naturally talk about memorable moments of the person. They’re never usually sad. So make it a whole sad event, you know what I mean. I rather be known for having a dope ass party over some cunt letters on my headstone. That’s just me.

My kids were little confused by the whole celebration of life. They couldn’t get their little brains around it. Row really didn’t give a fuck, but Em did. He kept being very put off about the whole thing. He kept asking questions about it. Once he started to get too antsy. I had to do the whole daddy improv thing. When you come up with some shit off the dome to keep the kids entertained during some adulting shit and/or non-kids friendly shit. So we went to the bathroom and got turnt.

10 Days in Gainesville

Gainesville was pretty cool. Did you know Tom Petty is from there? I didn’t know that. Gainesville is like a squishy version of Allston. It’s a college town. There’s a ton of hipster coffee shops, breweries, and boutiques. Though i do enjoy those things, I was there on fight business. Teaching at The Block Muay Thai and helping out for some fights. It was nazty!

The Block Muay Thai

Aw man I love this facility! I’m a sucker for garage style gyms. The high ceilings, and it get hot you can lift the doors up. Those gyms always have a vibe in it. Keep the bullshit outside and just work vibe. That’s exactly what this gym is about!

Like every gym, there’s a good coach, bad coach dynamic. Madison, Good Coach. Madison will give you a good push while giving you water between rounds. Brendan, Bad Coach. Will bring out that inner bitch in you and then tell you to take a hike. Yet leaving you with the desire to come back and get better.

That Dynamic created such a loving and supportive environment. No egos, no gym bullies, none of that bullshit. Everyone in this gym is loving and accepting. Pushing one another to bring out the best out of each other. There’s a “rise and fall together” energy in that gym. If you ain’t with it, get the fuck out. Not my words, that’s just the truth Ruth.

Niggas be Wrangling…

During downtime, i learned some John Wayne shit. Wrangling. I bullshit you not, that shit was mad fun.

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