Writing prompt #2

Letter to Self: Write a letter to your 12-year-old self.

Dear Mickey,
Let’s get something out the way, stop running that fucking water deck. I get it your initials are “MER” but that doesn’t mean you need to run the deck, kid. Sorry, but you ain’t winning shit with that deck. Sell the pieces and get something like Gadgets, Tomato Control, and/or DDT (Diamond Dude Turbo…keep up). The game is way too control-heavy at the moment. Gotta keep up.

You’re not stuck. Despite the people, you are surrounded by saying or doing. The world isn’t bitter, despite what you’ve been shown. You don’t have to be afraid. You’re different. You’re smart, creative, and hard-working.

Always remember you’re strong. Emotionally, mentally, and physically. You’ve always stood up against bullies and taken them on. You put yourself in harm’s way, just to save other assholes. Remember when you walked home from school. You were beefin with those Southern Ave boys for that kid from your school. Motherfucker didn’t even help you. You were getting jumped, while he got on the 22 to Jackson. Playing his corny ass PSP. Oh, what about when you fought Harold. He was talking shit to his girl, which was your friend at the time. He fucked you up and dragged you across the classroom, but you still fought him. He and all the other hoods had mad respect for after that. Keep that! Grow from that.

Some personal shit. Being dyslexic and having ADD/ADHD doesn’t mean dick. Nothing at all. You can accomplish anything your little heart desire.

“This nigga mick is slow”

“Mick, nigga you can’t read”

“Stop being a bitch”

“Stop being so fucking dainty”

Fuck them. You’re fucking amazing. Be authentic forever and always. Being you is the greatest gift you can give to this fucking world? Listening to the bullshit people try to project onto you, stunts your growth. Don’t let that shit happen. Listen to your voice.

Your parents. Don’t hate them. They did their best. They’re still trying to find themselves. You’re too young to actually understand, but they’ve lost as well.

Your mom. She is trying her best to raise you three assholes. She may not have the best solutions to problems, but she tries her best. I know you think she doesn’t care about you because she never supports you. Someone had to pay the rent. She loves you so very much, and supports you. When nobody’s there for you, mommy is the only one that’s there for you. You don’t know it, but She’s really depressed. She feels hopeless and feels very stagnant. Be nice to her, she needs you guys as much as you need her.

Your Dad. Don’t hate him. It’s wasted energy. Well, you never had hate for him. Once you meet him, you’ll see he’s pretty cool. He also loves you. He’s trying his best to make up for the lost time. Also, the dude is one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet.
*SPOILER,* You don’t have a sister. The little girl you use to play with, on Ruggle Street. She ain’t your sister. You’re his only child.

Your Friends. Let’s start with the kids in the neighborhood. Those kids are assholes. Straight up. These dudes are stealing cars, selling them to the Chop Shops around the way. *SPOILER,* We had to participate in a couple of those, we needed the bread. You don’t need to be involved in that stuff. School friends? Legit, only like 4 of them. The rest just fade. Except for Renard, that’s my dog. Your friends you meet at the Baker House. Those are you fucking guys. You’re going to be stuck with them. They’ll be there with you through it all. So treat them great.

Well, kid, that’s all I have to tell ya. Your resilience, creativity, and your personality will help you through life. Combine with your strong work ethic, you’ll make a good life for yourself. Don’t be afraid, be bold, and get after your goals and dreams.


Morning Prompts #1: Positive impact

Morning Routines are my shit! I’m always getting up and ready to attack the day. I tried to leave the house with that BFE(Big fucking energy). Here is my routine:

  • Obviously, the boring stuff first. SSS(shower, shit, shave), etc.
  • Gotta get a Meddie in! Meditation…keep up
  • Breakfast and Coffee. Coffee Black. Breakfast, usually something light and healthy…or at least try too.
  • *NEW* Writing Prompts!! That shit slaps!

Writing Prompts are super fucking fun. I added this weekend and love it. I’ll be sharing some with you lovely folks. This one I wrote this morning, enjoy!

Positive Impact:Write about someone who made a positive impact on your when you were a child?

My Grandma is a tough cookie. Very resilient woman. This woman is a funny, kind, energetic, and caretaker. She’s also wicked smaht.

I took her and my mom out for sushi…neither one of them like sushi

As a child, I didn’t know much about my grandma. Besides her being my grandma and from the Dominican Republic. Of course, she was my mother’s mom. I spent a lot of time with her growing up. All she spoke was Spanish and all I spoke was English. It didn’t really matter anyway, I understood way better than I spoke. So most of our interactions were me, just listening. Listen to her tell me stories, listen to sing beautiful Spanish songs about love. Occasionally, She would even tell me stories of my dad. When she told them, she always seemed a little bothersome and disappointing. She always had something to say, and she knew she always had someone to listen to.

I picked up her mindful spending. She would only shop for things that she needed. She was huge on that. If we wanted something, she always replied:

"Compras las cosas que necesitas y trabajas por las cosas que quieres"(English: You buy the things you need and work for the things you want)

She would know what she needed or what she already had at home without even checking. I’m still trying to unlock that skill in my adulthood.

When she would leave after her weekend visits. There was always money left in my top drawer. She would hug me and tell me:

"no le digas a nadie y guarda tu dinero." (English: Don't tell no one and save your money)

My dumb ass never listen, I would rub it in my brother’s face and buy YuGiOh cards. We all were young and dumb.

She gave us the gift of Resilience. All my life, I was always told, That I’m resilient. For a long time, I didn’t even know where I got this from. I’m not sure if it is, but it has gotta be somewhat genetic, right? If so, we definitely got it from her. My mother is the same way.

Her Husband was a piece of shit. Straight up. Yeah, my grandfather. Fuck him. Controlled, manipulated, and even got shot, the poor woman experienced it all. All while trying to juggle the motherhood of two little girls. Getting the girls away from that havoc, they escaped. She moved to Massachusetts to start a new life. Today, her little cute self just hangs out with the family and watches her novelas. She’s a strong woman.

Her story always moved me. I didn’t know it when I was a kid, but understanding it now as an adult, makes me appreciate it so much more. She’s been through a bunch of shit to get us here. You can’t learn Resilience, it’s inborn. Grandma is the goat.

Monthly Recap: Bonding October

I never been to any Oktoberfest before. I’d thought I’d share that fact with you. October was fun, gentle and easy. Watching a fuck ton of Seinfeld. Like a fuck ton, it never gets old. The month was also filled with adventure. Spent some time in Dominican Republic, visiting family and friends. checked out the local mma scene and ate so many chimis !!! Good fucking times! Here’s October’s Recap!

El Calishe De Manguagabo

Family Bonding was never my strong suite. While the family is doing whatever, I would be over there fucking around playing yugioh or some shit. I loved my family, I just became so curious of the the outside world. Recently, I reconnect with my family. We took a family trip to Santo Domingo. My Grandma, My aunt, my mom and El Pepe( that’s my dude we will talk about him later on, he deserves his own post). At first, I thought it was going to be the most boring trip ever. Boy, was I wrong.

It’s been roughly 15-20 years since the last time i was there. Santo Domingo is beautiful, also wild as fuck. Probably one of the few places where you can get drunk, dance robbed, stabbed, shot, feed, relieved, and hustled all in first step off the plane. It’s wild but fun.

first thing I noticed. The place hasn’t changed much. Sure there was a bunch of new people living in the area but as far of the foundation. It was all the same. All my cousins and friends all aged so well, they all look the the same. All parents of the area, either left or moved to another location. All of their children stayed in the area and lived in the houses they grew up. Something in that was beautiful. I loved everything about that.

Nivel de Felicidad

I have an older cousin, his name is Tony. One of the coolest kindest people I ever met. Every Summer when my mom would ship us to Santo Domingo to get away from all the street violence in Boston. Him, David( another cousin of mine) and I, were the three amigos. We would hangout with every single day. He was three years older than us and he was a fucking computer whiz.

Today, Tony is fucking crushing it. He owns a successful cyber security company. He’s a father of 2. He looked so fucking happy. Though he constantly made jokes about losing the little beer belly he was a growing. Kept asking me tips on how to get abs, while crushing a jumbo Presidente. We talked for hours. Wasn’t enough to make up for the last 15-20 years but we tried to cramp that bitch in there. I asked him what was the secret to his happiness. “vive simple” he said. Of course, I looked at him like he disrespected your mother.Mantén la vida simple y fácil.” He repeated at least 20 times during the whole conversation.

El Tony haha 😂

I let him go into a drunken rant about all the things that’s been going on. I just listened like he was reading a bedtime story. Honestly, I was so drunk I didn’t remember everything nor did I write key parts down. I asked him why he never left. I wanted to know so bad. He looked at me dead in my face and said “¿para qué?“. At this point, I felt like the whole room playing a trick on me. He gave me another one of those looks like I should’ve known the answer. Pouring another cup of Presidente, laughted and stated “la gente se va porque busca algo. Tengo todo lo que quiero y necesito aquí. Hice lo que buscaba.” he grabbed his keys and we walked out the door for chimis.

Halloween with The kiddos

The Skeleton kid is their friend Henry. He’s cool, he’s like Darwin he found us.(if you know, you can sit at the table)

Halloween was pretty cool. So Em and Ro changed their costumes like five times. First, Em wanted to be Smoke from Rainbow Six Siege.

I’m researching for the pieces to his outfit. This dude decides to tell me, “I think I want to be Master Chief.” the kid played Fortnite one time and all of sudden he’s OGRE2(google him. he’s nazty).

That’s my mom and Ro.

Ro…that little girl needs to get a job. Ya’ll know Halloween stores be juicing the price. We in the store, She decided all the kids costumes are boring. Once she started talking shit, i knew she had something in mind. which I’m usually cool but I don’t got that Jon Jones’s money. She wanted to be a Zombie cheerleader, but she had to make her own costume. of course, she didn’t have costume money.

My mom loves Halloween. Fucking loves it. Every year, she dresses up and legit go trick or treat with the kids. People love it. She always has a full bag at the the end of the night.

October Review

Rating: 5/5
Take aways:
1. Gotta spend time with family! The DR trip was an eye opener for sure. Learned on so much about my family and their past. It was awesome! Can’t til next time. I won’t wait 15-20 years this time.
2. I learned how to actually relax. I actually did nothing and just enjoyed my time.
3. Learned how to cook Domincian Food.

Notebook Rant #2

One random afternoon, Rowyn( my 4 year old daughter) and I were hanging out in the living room. I always wanted to get into interviews, so I decided to make her my little test subject. Asked her standard run of the mill questions that you’ll ask a 4 year old. It was pretty fun.

3/25-Interview with Rowyn

She was feeling herself this day lmao 🤣

Me: Hello RoRo!!!
RoRo: Hi Daddy
Me: What’s your full name?
RoRo: You know my name…
Me: I know but I’m interviewing you.
RoRo: Rowyn Everly Rodriguez
Me: How old are you?
RoRo: Daddy, you know how old I am…
Me: Remember it’s an Interview
RoRo: I’m 4 (she rolled her eyes)
(she always has an attitude on the ready)
Me: Where do you live?
RoRo: North Andover
Me: What’s your favorite color?
(she thought about it for a bit)
RoRo: Well, today I like Pink
Me: Does your colors change?
RoRo: Sometimes
Me: Like to what?
RoRo: Purple, Red, and sometimes Black
Me: Interesting
(I was little puzzled but I continued)
Me: What’s your favorite foods?
RoRo: Carrots, Broccoli, Mushrooms, and Beans
Me: You’re lying…
(She instantly started laughing)
Me: I know you love broccoli but I literally never seen you eat any of the other things.
Maybe beans.
(She laughed some and walked to the fridge. Grabbed some baby carrorts, sat down in her original position. smile) RoRo- See, I love carrots.
Me: Moving on, what’s your favorite drink?
RoRo: Juice and water
Me: What kind of juice?
RoRo: Oh daddy, you remember that juice you bought me the other day?
Me: Yeah…
RoRo: That one.
(über confused at the moment. trying to think what juice I bought her the other day. I knew the juice just didn’t know the flavor)
RoRo: The strawberry watermelon one!!!
Me: Oh yeah! I remembered the juice just forgot the flavor.
RoRo: It was so good. Can we get more?
Me: Sure after this interview.
Me: Alright, what’s your favorite movie
RoRo: Frozen 2
Me: (me being an agitator)- I thought it was meh
RoRo: Stop it!
( we chuckled a bit)
Me: What’s your favorite cartoon?
RoRo: (she screamed with excitement) SPIRIT!!!
Me: Why you like it so much?
RoRo: The horses and Lucky
Me: Makes sense.
Me: What’s your favorite snacks?
RoRo: Cheez-its and those Cheese balls, you got last night.
(we both nod. them shits were slapping last night)
Me: Where’s your favorite place?
(popped a baby carrot in her mouth. thought really hard about it)
RoRo: The park
Me: Which park? or all the parks?
RoRo: Umm the firetruck park, the castle park, and that’s it.
Me: In that order?
RoRo: Yes
Me: Who are the members of your family?
(she paused and looked at me with the “you asked a stupid question” stare while chomping on a carrot)
RoRo: You know who in my family…
Me: I’m trying to interview you, lady! work with me. (In a playful manor)
RoRo: I am (started laughing). You, Me, Mommy, Em, Auntie Dum, Koko, Grammie, and Papa, and Grandma. oh yeah, India and Jada too.
(she sat there thinking over everything.)
Me: What’s your favorite things love to do?
RoRo: Umm I love when I snuggle with mama in the morning. playing with Em is good too.
Me: Ayoo hold up, You don’t like hanging with me?
(She instantly started laughing)
RoRo: I do.
Me: You don’t care. Next question. What’s your favorite animal?
(she gave me that stupid question stare again)
RoRo: Come on daddy, Unicorns. you know that.
Me: I didn’t know that.(acting oblivious)
Me: Ok, last question and then we have to get you the tub. If I had a dollar, would you split it with me?
(She was super confused)
RoRo: How?
Me: Make Change and split with me.
RoRo: I have a dollar in my piggy bank.
Me: Will you split it with me?
RoRo: No (she started laughing and ran off)

Win/Lost: Ganar, Pérdida,이기다,상실

Winning and losing are two sides of the same coin. Winning makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. Losing makes you feel like a forgotten ant. They’re both unavoidable outcomes, and both competitors have to carry those results. Whatever you do, just keep in mind: “these outcomes, don’t define who you are.”

Catan is my fucking game!!!… I was looking for a competitive picture and I found this. This game gets super sweaty! Highly recommend it if you haven’t played it


Ain’t nothing like busting someone’s ass! It’s the shit. There are not many athletes who can predict their own wins unless you’re going up against a can (easy competition) or Mystic Mac. Everyone wants to be around a winner. From your Ex to your 3rd-grade class neighbor. The asshole wasn’t even in your class, he was next door. They’re all knocking at your DMs. Everyone wants to hang out with you. It’s fucking wild. You get some perks. More attention from the media, a lot of business opportunities, even skip lines. The club wants you in there! It’s like society puts a temporary buff on you.

YOU WINNING BITCH! You got this new swag! Confidence through the fucking roof, all while keeping it humble. You develop a second drive, Consistency. Becoming more focused and sharp. “Winning fucking matters” constantly repeating to yourself. “Winning fucking matters!”(say it with me now). Your new “WFM” mindset will start to lead your lifestyle. Paying Attention to your sleep, diet, stress. You’ll even start to be cautious of what assholes you train with. You want people to push you. People that will match your work ethic. WFM Mindset is a balancing act as well. You can’t get overzealous, nobody likes a cocky asshole. You still have to remain humble and still stay on your toes. You have a target on your back. Motherfuckers see you winning, and they want to dethrone off it. Be careful though, even some of your teammates are lurking in the shadows waiting for you to fall. Damn, all those variables. The room is closing in on you. The fuck are you gonna do with all the pressure?


All that winning comes with a heavy ass cost. You usually get greeted by pressure. Some can hold on to it like it doesn’t fucking matter. Unlike the opposite end, that shit crushes motherfuckers. It all depends on who you ask if it’s real or not. Filling that gym bag with your pressure and gear, that bag gets heavy. People struggle with it even in regular day-to-day life. In the fighting world, it makes or breaks you. That pressure is fucking demanding and eats away at some, but that is not you. You’re a fucking winner! Until you’re not.

Losing or Learning…No, Motherfucker Losing is Losing/przegrywający

Losing sucks! Nobody likes losing. Fuck, it has to be giving out. Nobody goes into anything ready to lose. Also, nobody is going into something thinking they’re going to lose. If so, you can’t sit at the table.

You usually don’t hear from people after a loss. Which yo dry ass phone. If you do, it’s typically your day ones and your parents. You’ll always hear from your parents. Always. It’s not on purpose. People just always think you need space after losing. In reality, it’s the quite opposite. If you’re ever confused about who rides for you or not, all you have to do is lose. You’ll see who is really there for you or not.


Oh! yes! How can I forget the trolls and haters? Those motherfuckers will try anything in their power to affect you. They’ll inbox you all sorts of shit.
“You deserve to be in the D league”
“You’re fucking trash”
“Your mother should disown you!”
All sorts of wild shit, man. The Gamblers are my favorite. They’re usually very straightforward. “bruh, you cost me so much money”. They’re never mean, though.

You hate losing, I know. It hurts. Every Competitor hates it. Don’t view yourself as a loser, you just have to accept it for this outing. It’s reality, it’s a hard pill to swallow. It doesn’t define you, you’ll grow from it. The best teacher is lost. Don’t sweat it, you’ll look back at this and say, “I would fuck the old me up”. You’ll get better and become a savage. That comes with time, and there will be a couple of more losses before you’re are on your way to savagery. Ask yourself, “Does winning/losing it REALLY matter?”

Winning/Losing does it really fucking matter?/Gewinnen/Verlieren ist es wirklich withtig

Personally, yes it does. I always try to win. Always(Keith Stone Voice). When I come up short, it used to destroy me. From the inside out. I would disconnect from loved ones. I would project my feelings on them. Just absolutely depressed about it. Over the course of my career, I learned how to cope with it a lot better. Once I started doing other things I started to get the fulfillment that fighting gives me, it became less important to me. There was more to life than winning/losing. I lost that gut desire to compete. Felt that I had to kick-start my motivation to compete at the start of every fight. That’s my story, it doesn’t have to be yours.

If Winning/Losing is important to you, then go get that shit. I’ll be in your corner all the way through. For the wins and loses. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. This post isn’t to discourage you, just to educate you. I just wanted to give the truth. Now go get after it, my little fighter boy/girl. Go hard after it, even if you’re afraid of the outcome. Then you can come to sit at the table. Love y’all, stay true.

Monthly Recap: Do you remember September?!(Sorry for the wait)

“Kept You Waiting, huh?”

-Solid Snake

September came so quickly! I wasn’t even ready. Not in the slightest bit. It was a bobbing month for sure. Lost my fight, got cut and went to one of the best concerts in a long time. Very much needed, I may say. Sit tight, get a drink, get some smokey smoke on smoke, and enjoy the fucking Sept Recap.

Training Camp

The Training Camp was smooth as fuck. I felt fucking sharp, motherfuckin razor sharp! I would work 4 days of striking and drills to counter. 2 Boxing sessions and 2 Muay Thai sessions. I was working with a new boxing coach. It took some adjustments. Once we got synced, we were dancing. Grappling was a different approach. BJJ was all about cleaning up and grappling like a bigger guy. Wrestling was about investment, investing in my future. Learning the principles of wrestling from the ground up. Strength and Conditioning were focused on a lot of footwork and arm stamina. Maintaining speed, volume, and power for 5 minutes. Lateral shuffles, ladders drills, and hand/eye coordination drills. I felt bomb!

The Fight…

Welp! I laid an egg. I wasn’t ready for the fight. Not in the slightest bit. Physically, I looked ready. Mentally, I wasn’t ready at all. I was thinking way too much. my thoughts are like Lambos on the Autobahns( Come on, I played GT at Reese’s crib). I tried to wait for the perfect movement, so I can react. I wanted to try and showcase some of my new boxing techniques. My dumb ass tried to block with my face and wasn’t positioned in the right places.

He was a strong fucking dude. Underestimated his speed, big time. He was beaten to the punch every time. The motherfucka had All Might power in his hands. (My Hero reference, keep up.) Every time one of those ham hocks hit me, my balls would swing like a pendulum. It wasn’t Cash Money, at all.

There’s a bunch of bad habits that went on display. Waiting on my opponent’s attacks. Not being first. I was behind in every exchange. Focused on what I was supposed to do besides actually doing it. when you’re training for something your tools become second nature. In this story, It wasn’t. Didn’t display urgency. I just wasn’t ready. Simple as that.

Sept was relieving…

September book: Drug use for grown-ups by Dr. Carl L. Hart. Pro Tip: don’t do audiobook, his voice gets very boring and annoying after a while.

Rating: 2.5/5

That closing G talk

This month wasn’t my favorite in the slightest bit. Shortly after my fight, I was released from the UFC. Those were the stakes going into the fight, and I was well aware. Hey, that’s why we fucking gamble on ourselves. Even if the outcome isn’t something you want. Fuck it, take a gamble. What’s the worst that can happen?

I’m taking a temporary hiatus from competing. I’ll still be training. Fucking love training. I want to put more focus into teaching and writing. I love the fight game and it will always have a spot in my heart but at the moment I’m just going to chill. Also I’ll will help any and all, of my fight buddies that need help with shit.

Now, I’m in the Dominican Republic for the 2 weeks. I’m gonna eat a lot and get chubby. October is looking better already! I love y’all! I’ll see y’all next post.

Monthly Recap: Mofuckin August

I’m a very reflective person. I love to look back in moments in life. See what I’ve learned and how I handled those moments. Which brings me to this post. I wanted to make a commitment. At the end of everyone month, I would make a reflective post. Giving y’all breakdowns and reviews of my month. I figured it would be cool as fuck. So here’s August.

Visit From Aunty Rona…That Bitch

I didn’t get vaccinated, not because I’m against of anything. I just simply just had crazy tunnel vision. I would make appointments to get it, then it will slip my mind completely.

Auntie Rona!!!

Boom! Surprise motherfucka! Aunt Rona came in, for a 2-week stay. She sucks! She let get little bit of energy just to brush my teeth. In a few minutes later, she would wear me out and force me to take a nap like I’m her kid. She isolated me from my all my friends and family, controlling bitch. At times, she tried to reap on my depressions and loneliness, but I was too tough for that shit, I have been down those paths already.

At First, I was going absolute fucking stir crazy. Only thing I wanted to do was training. I was obsessing on getting better and make sure I was on synced with my new coaches. So I just paused and thought of things I can do to keep productive in these 2 weeks. Working out was not an option. I couldn’t sustain energy to make my fucking bed, let alone a 90-minute workout. I found a couple of things to keep me busy.

So I started writing, just thoughts and feelings. Journaling like a mad man. I noticed My Landlord’s garden, started to looking real dry. So I started watering the garden and tried to clear out the weeds. I didn’t want to get too crazy with removing the weeds, I honestly didn’t know what I was doing(ha). At the end of the night, I always finished with a couple of episodes of Schitt’s Creek. Oh man, do I love that show. It’s magical! Definitely up there with The Office, for me anyway.

The Climax of The Summer Fling

During those 2 Weeks, I had a lot of people reach out to me. Both my mom and dad were calling me. Which is kinda odd, honestly, I think they both were nervous. It was kind of cute. I had this one person that was my rock in the whole situation. She was the fucking best.

The Dog was awesome… I mean this isn’t the dog, but you get it.

I was seeing this lovely woman most of the summer. Not gonna lie, I was crazy about this woman. She was smart, funny, hardworking, curious. Most of all, She was supportive.

She dumped me…over text. It sucked, but I licked my wounds and carried on. I learned a lot of things from her in little time. I’m going to miss heading to that part of CT. It was nice and cozy. Most of all, I’m going to miss her kick ass dog. Maybe more than I’m gonna miss her (ha).

August was Meh…

Rating: 3/5

  1. I have a fucking wonderful support team. I fucking love them. I honestly was floored by the amount of love. I was sick, so many people were looking out for me. Showing me all sorts of love. It was great to feel.
  2. I gotta get this vaccine. I’m trying to do some traveling soon and last thing I need is Unc Del(Delta) coming over fucking with me.
  3. Putting my love life on pause. I need some time to myself. Between the recent divorce and my summer fling. No more lady attention for me. I’m gonna ride solo for a bit.
  4. Appreciate every moment. Not saying I haven’t, it’s always good to make a reminder.

Looking forward to September. I have my fight on the 18th and at the end of the month. I have a Dance Gavin Dance show to go. I haven’t been to a show in ages. My kids start school this week, this is gonna be a dope month. Let’s see how it flows.