Ya boi got a mofuckin green thumb!!!!!!!!

I got some peppers for y’all😊

My Landlord has left for India for the whole summer. Not gonna lie, i kinda miss them. One day I called them to let them know that they had a fuck ton of tomatoes. She told me to take as much as the veggies i want. They ain’t coming for a minute, so she told me to go hard on them. Shiiit! *Clay Davis voice* I’ve been having tomatoes and pepper omelettes every morning for a week so far. Nope, still not tired of it. Even gave same to my corny ass Ex-wife and a couple of friends. I decided to take the liberty to start caring for the garden. It’s so beautiful and they also worked really hard on it. They’re also letting me stay here for free, so the least i can do it is some yard-work and gardening. I never touch a plant in my life besides eating them on my plate and playing Harvest Moon. Other than that, naw i don’t fuck with plants. Until this moment, I didn’t know it’s so fucking rewarding. I’m having a blast with it. I’m Learning so much little shit it’s fun. I’ll try and stay on top of my garden updates on here but check this shit out! I’m also opened to any pointers!!! So don’t be afraid to tell me what to do. Thank y’all love y’all

Garden grape tomatoes HIT DIFFERENT!!!!

Notebook Rant #1

i have like 4-5 notebooks, that i’ve been writing in for years. At Random times, i would go and reread shit just to see what i was doing and how i seen the world at that time. so this a a rant i had a couple of months ago, that i wanted to share with yall. Hope you enjoy it and you have some take aways. love yall very mucho

mad notebooks

Hardwork?…we talking about hardwork?! Yes, motherfucker im talking about HARDWORK!!! and let me telll you people are fucking afraid of it. You what people arent afraid of it, i take that back. It’s just people are more incline to workhard for others rather than work for themselves.

You wake up and go to your to your corny fucking job.(Took a 6 mins break to rock out to The Safety Fire – Huge Hammers on Spotify. That New Discovery playlist is hitting tonight. Blame it on the ADD baby.) I’m serious though, following your dreams if fucking amazing!! Ok! don’t take this message as ” Quit, my job! check! got it! Mike, you’re so sick.” NO! that’s not what im saying. Fuck it! I’ll tell you a cool as strat:

  1. If it’s not your dream job, don’t get so emotionally attached to it. “This is America, its fucking business!”(Kill Them Softly is my fucking movie, highly recommend it). The saddest thing is seeing people stuck in a job they fucking hate. As if they’re completely attached to the hip to it. If that shit, fucks with you happiness. Leave that bitch. PROTECT YOUR HAPPINESS!
  2. Companies use you to make their money, do the fucking same. Instead of dicking around at the club on the weekends. Save your money! don’t you notice that companies take the money you make for them and invest it back into themselves. You can do the same thing!!
  3. Reflect on your skills! I don’t care, what you say. EVERYONE HAS SKILLS! All the jobs you had, you learned valuable skills to execute them. Those skills you used can also be used to get you own empire started. Take a notebook, and write down all the jobs you ever had, then list all the skill required to do all those jobs. You’ll be surprised! also you’ll probably realize that there’s a common factor in all of it. just give it a try and let me know what you think.
  4. PRACTICE MODERATION!! This is HUGE! We all need moderation. it’s that simple.

Point is you need to get after your shit. There’s only this life, so why not live it comfortable and enjoyable. where you have absolute control of you own life and not settling. I heard all the counter arguments. adjust your life, that’s right. Live within you’re means. If you’re struggling with living expenses and you ahve no external income outside of your main job? Yo ass shouldn’t be going to San Juan because flights are cheap. GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!! If you don’t take yo stupid ass and sit down some where, come up with some ideas/plans or something. Everyone is ballin heading on vacation but its when to come back is the struggle. we all know that.

I kinda of low key like the state of workforce at the moment. Nobody wants to work for anybody, not a single fucking person. Millions have learned profitable skills during this corny ass pandemic. That should motivate the fuck out of you. I’m sure you have some friends who have done the same. GO FUCKING GET YOURS! You’re so capable and we both know it. We both know you have goals and dreams you want to get after. Come on! lets go get it. You deserve it!

8/6- To Do List

  • Wake up at an early, 7-7:30ish. Make some tea with tinctures, need that to Clear the demons. Grab one of those over night oats and make a motherfuckin omelet! In this bitch!!! Take my ass outside and watch the birds. Lately, I’ve been seeing only Blue Jays. This morning, I some Cardinals and this little black/orange bird. Shit was dope!
  • TIME TO GET BACK TO WORK! Get a nice work in. At a nice pace, don’t kill yourself.
  • Make lunch! That chicken stir-fry shit. I haven’t made it yet but it looks like it’s going to be bomb tho.
  • Start Writing!!!!! we gotta catch y’all up!


I look at happiness as a pie or pizza pie. I’m a foodie, so I’m constantly making food reference. Pies and baking shit is a science. You need to make sure you have the accurate amount of ingredients in order for your shit to come out perfect. It’s really easy to fuck it up. Now, I’m not a baking expert so don’t go baking shit off what I’m saying, but I think you can fix it if you fuck something up like in cooking. Also, it has a lot of layers of work, from needing and letting the dough rise, cracking eggs, pour accurate liquid, pouring all that shit in a mixing bowl, it gets a little ugly, but you’re getting to it. There’s this one ingredient you must add, and that’s, Love. Love is the best ingredient of them all. Love and Passion, can’t forget about passion. OK, so passion and love are the best two. How can I forget about the most beautiful P word. Well, yeah, happiness is a lot like that.


  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: mad
  • Print

Get ready, those motherfuckers are gonna be at the door.


  • Being Authentic
  • * Self-Acceptance * Self-Love


  1. Start walking towards what makes you happy.
  2. 2. Drop corny motherfuckers, listen to your own voice

    3. Protect that shit!


Per Serving: 11 calories; 2 g fat; 50 g carbohydrates;
5.5 g protein; 50 mg cholesterol; 2 mg sodium.

Bake that Happiness

Happiness is something everyone strides for it. People crave it, some people are willing to sacrifice friends and love ones. It can bring out the toxicity in people, and their happiness morphs into Greed. I’ve seen motherfuckers do some wild shit just to taste their internation of happiness. Everyone’s happiness is different. Some love riches and materialistic things to make them feel happiness, and some love just gestures and support. Some need a quick drug/drink or/and a nut to feel just a small slither of happiness. Hey, I’m nobody to judge. I’ve been down those roads to find it as well, those usually are first shaky steps, but you’re finding your way.

That G talk…

The forms of happiness, Short term and Long term. Which one you want to hear first? Short Term, of course, we always want shit quick. Short. It isn’t a bad thing, don’t get twisted. Short term supplements Long term, I’ll explain it. OK, Short term are usually things that have an expedition time. Yeah, no shit everything. I’m saying things that give you a small burst of happiness. Such as materialistic things, you buy something, and you feel all swagged out, as soon as you throw them in the wash all that new clothes shit looses its allure. Eating sugar foods is another example of short term happiness. You eat a cookie or good slice of cake, and you feel it instantly! Then it’s gone once you shit it out, haha. These are the obvious ones, of course. There’s a lot of little one serious short termers that’s can make a world of difference in your life,

Long Term happiness is an investment into your future. You ain’t getting rich overnight. This is the type of investment that makes you better to the world. This shit here ain’t easy and it requires a lot of work. Journaling is one of the most simple investments but with huge return. Just getting those thoughts down on paper does a fuck ton of justice. The hardest ones are attacking deep-rooted issues. Man, that shit is hardened than a motherfucker, but it’s such a weight lifting sensation. You ever tried to up rooting a fucking tree? It’s fucking hard! Cutting those roots and rid of that fucking baggage is a lifestyle goal. Being Authentic to yourself and to others. If you try to be something you ain’t, you’ll sink faster than the titanic. BE YOU! There’s only you, why try to be someone else when you’re a Pokémon. Self Acceptance is a magical thing. Also treating yourself with love and care, you’ll set a new tone in your life, and you settle for the dumb shit. Following your own voice is pretty powerful. Listening to your own voice, you’ll learn what you need to reach your happiness.

Roll up on my happines, if you want…

Finally, the last piece. PROTECT YOUR FUCKING HAPPINESS!!!! When that thing is fresh out the oven, and you put it that shit on the window. WHAT, FOR THE FUCKING WOLVES?! They smell that shit from Woodward, be ready! They’ll be at the fucking door. Happiness is desired even by the undesired. People will also try to piggyback off your happiness, and you can’t allow that shit! You worked too fucking hard on it. Happiness is an alarm and people will come from all over. DON’T LET THAT SHIT HAPPEN! That’s all I have to say, sorry for the word vomit, and it might be all over the place, but fuck it! You get what I’m trying to say. I don’t really know how to end this…

“Find your fucking happiness, and Protect that shit”


Shooters shoot…

YO! you’re fucking beautiful and you’re a fucking beast!! Go shoot your shot!


Its Saturday morning, the day of shooter! I aint talking about basketball or shooter games, well con second thought if that’s your goal go get that shit. I’m talking about shot shooters. Dreamchasers, Goal Getters, Go Gettas, Hustlers, etc all those people that want it. Saturday morning are for y’all. That Saturday morning before you go get your outfit for the club tonight, take that moment and shoot your fucking shot. I know for a fact that you have cool ass idea or/and dream but maybe your nervous to execute it or you don have plan to do so. who gives a fuck! just do it and learn on the go.

Most Dreams and Ideas start off rocky. People usually don’t have any fucking clue what they’re doing but snowball effects kicks in! You’re doing something that you wanted to work on for the longest, which would create the motivation to keep going. which will stir the creativity pot. Then next thing you know, your doing shit like fucking pro! Is it hard? nope not at all, will there be challenges? fuck yeah! but that’s what life is all about is these bullshit challenges and we still overcome them. Thats what we do, as human. We need more prime movers and less settlers, that settling shit will get you kilt.

I know this rant is mad random and all over the place, but I said fuck it! why not share it. I love you all, be kind to one another and have a great weekend. McGregor in the second!!

7/3-Telling my brain to keep it down…

…you ever been in a situation, where you are completely conflicted between who you are as individual, what you want, what you need, and the love for someone else, love for something else in one big fucking melting pot? That was my last year. I didn’t know what the fuck was “Mike Rodriguez”. I didn’t know who the fuck I was. I was so depressed and so out of tuned and touch of who i am, i couldn’t look myself in the mirror. I couldn’t show up for my kids. I couldn’t show up for my teammates, coaches, nor for myself when i needed myself most. I pretty much sabotaged myself, no not physically or anything of that nature. Well, i did go into a fight half prepared and allowed myself to get put to sleep. So i guess that’s some sort of self harm. I don’t know, maybe one of y’all can correct it. I fucking hated myself plain and simple. I didn’t noticed how powerful mirrors are. I wouldn’t have imagine in a million years that a mirror can show me my true colors, my own reflection was fucking disgusted with who i was and the things I’ve done. A couple of years ago, back in 2018-2019 or something. I had these same feelings and i didn’t know how to deal with them or how to confront them. I just would sulk and sulk in this fucking shitty feeing pond. When i got out of my marriage and moved out, that’s when shit changed. I went from walking in quick sand to walking on Rainbow Road. Shit really can changed for me. I feel alive, i can breathe again. I feel like I’m just a whole different person in every shape way or form. I’m laying on my futon at 2:52am listening to Southern Lights and reflecting of the dark ages in my life. Issa a fucking vibe! I feel so good that i can look back on shit and pat myself on the back that i overcame so much shit. Alright, i wanted to share that with all you cute fuckers. Goodnight and sweetdreams

7/2- To Do List…

  1. Clean the house! without a clean a house I can’t get shit done.
  2. GO GET A CAR BATTERY!!!! My car has been going on a damn fritz, that needs to be fixed.
  3. Continue to brainstorm a couple of ideas with B.
  4. Pre-write something for my friend’s Birthday card.
  5. Go to My Mom’s house, she just got out the hospital. She’s good, she just doesn’t drinking alot of water.
  6. Take the kids to Jiu-jitsu.
  7. pack for the weekend.

Today is a day about getting shit done and spending QT with the Kids. Even thought they’re driving me to drink this morning. They’re still my little buddies, they’re my best friends. Best friends cant annoying the fucking shit out of you right? Leaving for CT this weekend, which im really looking forward too, honestly. Physically, im wicked tired and exahusted. i got good sleep last night. i just feel like i need a fuck ton more. I’ve also been busting my ass in the gym, im so motivated. I feel alot of dope shit coming around the corner. now time to get cracking on this list. Ya’ll have a good friday and crush it.

Boxing and bulldogs

…i don’t remember the dogs name, but he just walks around the gym all day long. He’s the man! I’ll return with his name 😂

Today has been pretty positive. I’ve been wanted to wake up at 5:45 am! And FUCK YEAH!!! I fucking did it!!! Got the fuck up, made a bomb oatmeal breakfast, and drove to SOS! I started with a nice lift and crushed it. I’ve been cramping like a motherfucka, due to sweating so much water out. It’s been a fucking nightmare! Been downing water all day. Afterward went to Hannafords, which I got so much fruit!! The fruit has been hittin!!!! It’s just been so good. It’s been making me shit like a motherfucka! Self-check is the movement! Hannafords self-check is trash. It takes a decade to read your card or take cash. Like what the fuck! I might’ve just had stole the shit. Went boxing at Somerville Boxing Club. That’s where I met the bulldog. I watched him plodding around the gym. Plodding to the bags, lays down on the floor. Plodding to the treadmills, lays down on the floor. Plods to the ring. I felt him just stare as I hit the mitts and work with his owner. The bell rang, that shit always echoes through the gym. Walk towards the water bubbler, who do I see? My boy! Just laying there with the best seat in the house. In front of the fan,front of the ring. Just lounging i can respek that kinda of life.

My lil bro Dan!!! He’s making his MMA debut soon. He’s a hard worker with a good heart! Love that kid!!


This whole week, I’ve been super distracted. My mind has been going a million miles per hour. I always do this to myself, where i allow myself to get so distracted by other components in my life that i just lose complete control of my goal. Now, this up coming week my goals: 1. Must be consistent with my writing. I love to write and it’s something I’ve became passionate about in the last couple years. It started from journaling, then next thing you know I’m just writing to right. 2. How to transfer my passion for writing into a profitable skill. This week i want to focus on that, it’s definitely something i can excel in. 3. Blog! Blog and oh yeah blog!!! Just that simple. 4. Be selective with my time. I don’t have much time in my day juggling all these jobs. I just need to dial on my own goals and projects and not fall into distractions.

6/15- never let things settle…

I just made it home from the gym. I’m exhausted but one thing I’ve been doing is never let anything settle and i mean ANYTHING! Like nothing. So i got home and i noticed my house needs picking up like the dishes needs washing, the bathroom needs to be cleaned, so is the living room. Well, they aren’t rooms, i live in a studio. So what do you call it area? Whatever shit needed to be clean. Alright, so i started going to work! Picking shit up because i didn’t want to let anything settle. Even though I’m dead tired from training and i could’ve made a fuck ton more excuses…but no, i didn’t. I went to fucking work!! It get fucking amazing. Something so simple. I started to apply that same mindset I’m training. I’m constantly moving and not letting nothing settle maybe for a tad bit but then i start moving. Constantly on the bike. It’s been paying off. Alright, it’s time for take nap before my second session.