6/15- never let things settle…

I just made it home from the gym. I’m exhausted but one thing I’ve been doing is never let anything settle and i mean ANYTHING! Like nothing. So i got home and i noticed my house needs picking up like the dishes needs washing, the bathroom needs to be cleaned, so is the living room. Well, they aren’t rooms, i live in a studio. So what do you call it area? Whatever shit needed to be clean. Alright, so i started going to work! Picking shit up because i didn’t want to let anything settle. Even though I’m dead tired from training and i could’ve made a fuck ton more excuses…but no, i didn’t. I went to fucking work!! It get fucking amazing. Something so simple. I started to apply that same mindset I’m training. I’m constantly moving and not letting nothing settle maybe for a tad bit but then i start moving. Constantly on the bike. It’s been paying off. Alright, it’s time for take nap before my second session.

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