Notebook Rant #1

i have like 4-5 notebooks, that i’ve been writing in for years. At Random times, i would go and reread shit just to see what i was doing and how i seen the world at that time. so this a a rant i had a couple of months ago, that i wanted to share with yall. Hope you enjoy it and you have some take aways. love yall very mucho

mad notebooks

Hardwork?…we talking about hardwork?! Yes, motherfucker im talking about HARDWORK!!! and let me telll you people are fucking afraid of it. You what people arent afraid of it, i take that back. It’s just people are more incline to workhard for others rather than work for themselves.

You wake up and go to your to your corny fucking job.(Took a 6 mins break to rock out to The Safety Fire – Huge Hammers on Spotify. That New Discovery playlist is hitting tonight. Blame it on the ADD baby.) I’m serious though, following your dreams if fucking amazing!! Ok! don’t take this message as ” Quit, my job! check! got it! Mike, you’re so sick.” NO! that’s not what im saying. Fuck it! I’ll tell you a cool as strat:

  1. If it’s not your dream job, don’t get so emotionally attached to it. “This is America, its fucking business!”(Kill Them Softly is my fucking movie, highly recommend it). The saddest thing is seeing people stuck in a job they fucking hate. As if they’re completely attached to the hip to it. If that shit, fucks with you happiness. Leave that bitch. PROTECT YOUR HAPPINESS!
  2. Companies use you to make their money, do the fucking same. Instead of dicking around at the club on the weekends. Save your money! don’t you notice that companies take the money you make for them and invest it back into themselves. You can do the same thing!!
  3. Reflect on your skills! I don’t care, what you say. EVERYONE HAS SKILLS! All the jobs you had, you learned valuable skills to execute them. Those skills you used can also be used to get you own empire started. Take a notebook, and write down all the jobs you ever had, then list all the skill required to do all those jobs. You’ll be surprised! also you’ll probably realize that there’s a common factor in all of it. just give it a try and let me know what you think.
  4. PRACTICE MODERATION!! This is HUGE! We all need moderation. it’s that simple.

Point is you need to get after your shit. There’s only this life, so why not live it comfortable and enjoyable. where you have absolute control of you own life and not settling. I heard all the counter arguments. adjust your life, that’s right. Live within you’re means. If you’re struggling with living expenses and you ahve no external income outside of your main job? Yo ass shouldn’t be going to San Juan because flights are cheap. GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!! If you don’t take yo stupid ass and sit down some where, come up with some ideas/plans or something. Everyone is ballin heading on vacation but its when to come back is the struggle. we all know that.

I kinda of low key like the state of workforce at the moment. Nobody wants to work for anybody, not a single fucking person. Millions have learned profitable skills during this corny ass pandemic. That should motivate the fuck out of you. I’m sure you have some friends who have done the same. GO FUCKING GET YOURS! You’re so capable and we both know it. We both know you have goals and dreams you want to get after. Come on! lets go get it. You deserve it!

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