Ya boi got a mofuckin green thumb!!!!!!!!

I got some peppers for y’all😊

My Landlord has left for India for the whole summer. Not gonna lie, i kinda miss them. One day I called them to let them know that they had a fuck ton of tomatoes. She told me to take as much as the veggies i want. They ain’t coming for a minute, so she told me to go hard on them. Shiiit! *Clay Davis voice* I’ve been having tomatoes and pepper omelettes every morning for a week so far. Nope, still not tired of it. Even gave same to my corny ass Ex-wife and a couple of friends. I decided to take the liberty to start caring for the garden. It’s so beautiful and they also worked really hard on it. They’re also letting me stay here for free, so the least i can do it is some yard-work and gardening. I never touch a plant in my life besides eating them on my plate and playing Harvest Moon. Other than that, naw i don’t fuck with plants. Until this moment, I didn’t know it’s so fucking rewarding. I’m having a blast with it. I’m Learning so much little shit it’s fun. I’ll try and stay on top of my garden updates on here but check this shit out! I’m also opened to any pointers!!! So don’t be afraid to tell me what to do. Thank y’all love y’all

Garden grape tomatoes HIT DIFFERENT!!!!

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