Win/Lost: Ganar, Pérdida,이기다,상실

Winning and losing are two sides of the same coin. Winning makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. Losing makes you feel like a forgotten ant. They’re both unavoidable outcomes, and both competitors have to carry those results. Whatever you do, just keep in mind: “these outcomes, don’t define who you are.”

Catan is my fucking game!!!… I was looking for a competitive picture and I found this. This game gets super sweaty! Highly recommend it if you haven’t played it


Ain’t nothing like busting someone’s ass! It’s the shit. There are not many athletes who can predict their own wins unless you’re going up against a can (easy competition) or Mystic Mac. Everyone wants to be around a winner. From your Ex to your 3rd-grade class neighbor. The asshole wasn’t even in your class, he was next door. They’re all knocking at your DMs. Everyone wants to hang out with you. It’s fucking wild. You get some perks. More attention from the media, a lot of business opportunities, even skip lines. The club wants you in there! It’s like society puts a temporary buff on you.

YOU WINNING BITCH! You got this new swag! Confidence through the fucking roof, all while keeping it humble. You develop a second drive, Consistency. Becoming more focused and sharp. “Winning fucking matters” constantly repeating to yourself. “Winning fucking matters!”(say it with me now). Your new “WFM” mindset will start to lead your lifestyle. Paying Attention to your sleep, diet, stress. You’ll even start to be cautious of what assholes you train with. You want people to push you. People that will match your work ethic. WFM Mindset is a balancing act as well. You can’t get overzealous, nobody likes a cocky asshole. You still have to remain humble and still stay on your toes. You have a target on your back. Motherfuckers see you winning, and they want to dethrone off it. Be careful though, even some of your teammates are lurking in the shadows waiting for you to fall. Damn, all those variables. The room is closing in on you. The fuck are you gonna do with all the pressure?


All that winning comes with a heavy ass cost. You usually get greeted by pressure. Some can hold on to it like it doesn’t fucking matter. Unlike the opposite end, that shit crushes motherfuckers. It all depends on who you ask if it’s real or not. Filling that gym bag with your pressure and gear, that bag gets heavy. People struggle with it even in regular day-to-day life. In the fighting world, it makes or breaks you. That pressure is fucking demanding and eats away at some, but that is not you. You’re a fucking winner! Until you’re not.

Losing or Learning…No, Motherfucker Losing is Losing/przegrywający

Losing sucks! Nobody likes losing. Fuck, it has to be giving out. Nobody goes into anything ready to lose. Also, nobody is going into something thinking they’re going to lose. If so, you can’t sit at the table.

You usually don’t hear from people after a loss. Which yo dry ass phone. If you do, it’s typically your day ones and your parents. You’ll always hear from your parents. Always. It’s not on purpose. People just always think you need space after losing. In reality, it’s the quite opposite. If you’re ever confused about who rides for you or not, all you have to do is lose. You’ll see who is really there for you or not.


Oh! yes! How can I forget the trolls and haters? Those motherfuckers will try anything in their power to affect you. They’ll inbox you all sorts of shit.
“You deserve to be in the D league”
“You’re fucking trash”
“Your mother should disown you!”
All sorts of wild shit, man. The Gamblers are my favorite. They’re usually very straightforward. “bruh, you cost me so much money”. They’re never mean, though.

You hate losing, I know. It hurts. Every Competitor hates it. Don’t view yourself as a loser, you just have to accept it for this outing. It’s reality, it’s a hard pill to swallow. It doesn’t define you, you’ll grow from it. The best teacher is lost. Don’t sweat it, you’ll look back at this and say, “I would fuck the old me up”. You’ll get better and become a savage. That comes with time, and there will be a couple of more losses before you’re are on your way to savagery. Ask yourself, “Does winning/losing it REALLY matter?”

Winning/Losing does it really fucking matter?/Gewinnen/Verlieren ist es wirklich withtig

Personally, yes it does. I always try to win. Always(Keith Stone Voice). When I come up short, it used to destroy me. From the inside out. I would disconnect from loved ones. I would project my feelings on them. Just absolutely depressed about it. Over the course of my career, I learned how to cope with it a lot better. Once I started doing other things I started to get the fulfillment that fighting gives me, it became less important to me. There was more to life than winning/losing. I lost that gut desire to compete. Felt that I had to kick-start my motivation to compete at the start of every fight. That’s my story, it doesn’t have to be yours.

If Winning/Losing is important to you, then go get that shit. I’ll be in your corner all the way through. For the wins and loses. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. This post isn’t to discourage you, just to educate you. I just wanted to give the truth. Now go get after it, my little fighter boy/girl. Go hard after it, even if you’re afraid of the outcome. Then you can come to sit at the table. Love y’all, stay true.

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