Lady with Cornucopia

Last year, My daughter gave me a statute. She insisted I would love it. I was indifferent. After losing the back-and-forth war to a 6-year-old, I decided to keep it.

The woman stood 11″ tall. She’s gorgeous, but she wasn’t treated with the love. Evidence was clear, she was left outside and abandoned. The colors of her lovely gown and the cornucopia were faded. This Queen had dirt on the details of her crown. Someone didn’t love her. This Queen deserves better.

A “G. Armani” label, “Made in Italy” gold sticker on the base. On the back side of the gown, reads “Florence”. Looks like a company mark. My curiosity had me fiendin. I needed to know who this queen was. The name floated in my head, who the fuck is G. Armani?

G. Armani

I thought the “G” was for gangster. Boy, was I wrong? It’s Giuseppe. Giuseppe Armani.

Giuseppe Armani was born in Calci, Italy in 1935. Straight out of the womb, the man was talented. His childhood drawing of his friends and family. His attention to detail and his realism made him a cut above the rest.

With his teacher’s encouragement, his parents placed him in the Fine Arts of Florence. While preparing for school, He lost his father suddenly. The school was to put on the back burner, Family had to come first. Giuseppe’s luck wasn’t out yet in the mixing bowl of adversity.

A Local Priest organized an exhibit for young artists, and G entered. Perfect opportunity to showcase his A-1 talent. His sculpture of a male torso caught all the attention. It was so popular, It’s held in the Art Gallery in Pisa. Across the street from the Leaning Tower. All this success landed him a job at the galley.

Spending time in Sienna and Florence, He was influenced by the 16th-century Florentine Renaissance. The transition from art to full-time sculpture. Allowing his work to have life and be seen in three dimensions.

G became very experimental. Though success was made off porcelain. He began working with wood, clay, alabaster, and marble.

1975, The Florence Sculpture D’ARTE gave Giuseppe an offer he couldn’t refuse. They wanted him to exclusively work for them. Granting him full creativity. So he took that shit. The proposal was what he wanted. He stayed with them for the rest of his life. He passed away on October 28, 2006.

1987 Giuseppe Armani’s Lady with Cornucopia

Thanks to Facebook groups, I was able to discover the name of this statue.

They were made in 1987. It isn’t one of his limited pieces or anything, It seems like this is one of his mid-tier pieces. You can find online retailing for about $150 for non-color ones. A clean full-color run for about $375-400.

Knowing the value is cool, but I wouldn’t sell it. The statue came from Grandma Mary’s belongings. Before that, I don’t know where she came from. With all of its imperfections, it’s still beautiful. I’m glad I have her now. I’ll give her the queen treatment she deserves.

Love y’all and stay true.

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