Teaching Path…

I know, I know… y’all asking “Motherfucka where have you been?!” I have just been busy.

Teaching…that shit can consume your life. In a good way, of course.

I’ve been doing cool shit. I can’t fit it all in one post, but we’ll figure it out!

Each one teaches one…

Since I came back from ABQ, I’ve been on this teaching kick! I was promoted to the Athletic Director position for the Student Trainer Program. Man, that was one of the best summers I had in a long time. The Student Trainer program is super sick. I wish I had it when I was younger for sure.

Their day started at 2pm. The first block was introductions and Icebreakers. We all would sit in a big circle and play different name games. We wanted to break down all those awkward social barriers people have today. I noticed that all the kids wouldn’t interact unless they were told to. Otherwise, they have just been on their phones. Once they achieve a level of comfort, the floodgates open up. These guys are super opinionated and have unique views on the world. It was one of my favorite times of the day, for sure.

Each day it switched. Sometimes it will be a workshop or MMA after the icebreakers. The workshops were really cool. In fact, I sat in on a couple of them. Some classes were a snore fest, only due to the instructor. The content was A1! One that stuck out was a woman would make this whole entrepreneur program. She had a good story, but she just wasn’t a good storyteller. Another one that I really enjoyed was the Financial classes. The instructor was great, she kept everything simple and entertaining.

Now, for MMA, I needed to be creative. Dealing with teens you have to keep it fun in a short burst. Like in 30 minutes increments. Now don’t quote on that shit, I’m learning this shit on the fly. I just noticed it’s what works for me. I was constantly trying to find the constant balance between MMA techniques and fitness workouts. Toward the end of classes, I would have a fitness game. Such as the cone game, reaction games, a couple of medicine ball games, races, etc. would make them competitive or cooperative, they were entertaining. I didn’t forget about the suck. THE SUCK!!!… Sucks. The kids would do a series of punishing conditioning workouts. Not to punish them but to develop some work ethic and Self-growth. Sometimes it’s the 25/25/25. 25 jump squats, 25 push-ups, and 25 sit-ups. All these workouts involve clapping with your partner and counting out loud. At the end of the summer, They loved them!

Everyone was happy with the summer results. So Level Ground offered me a position to come aboard full time. I took that shit in a heartbeat! I loved what I did, and I was eager to learn and explore more. I’m the Athletic Director and Community Outreach. I love the Job, The community, and everything bout it. You guys are going to hear much more in future posts.

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